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Beastly Bits #126

Um, you guys...this weekend was killa rad, and for many a good reason. Betwixt friend hangs, shows, parties, and a splash of something awesome (vague...yep), there is a perma-grin on my mug and it's not going away any time soon.



What better way to celebrate than with some bit stew! Eat 'em up now.



Go behind the scenes with Sia during the process of making her album, We Are Born. link


Free mp3's from participating Lollapalooza bands, via Spinner. link


Kanye went to Rolling Stone next... yo 'Ye, wanna come kick it in my apartment? link


Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz finally got married. link


My boy BetaTraxx drops in with a huge burner on the Kelis 4th of July fix-up front. Enter the sweat! Grab it for free below.



mp3: Kelis - 4th of July (BetaTraxx Remix)



Sia - Clap Your Hands (Doorly Remix)

Wiggle and wobble and shimmy and bounce! Doorly's back in Beastonia with a mighty fine edit of Sia's infectious single, Clap Your Hands. Be forewarned: this ain't your momma's pop mix.



This edit's got me revisiting her stellar release, We Are Born, which came out earlier this summer.


I suggest you do the same.


mp3: Sia - Clap Your Hands (Doorly Remix)



Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (new video!)

One of the handful of Sia-penned productions on Christina Aguilera's latest release, Bionic, is the tear-inducing You Lost Me. Frankly, each of the Aussie-born singer's songs that the popstar tackles send me into weep mode. And now I can cry right along with Xtina in the new video for the song. Ain't that sweet...



What more can be said? Christina looks gorgeous and really lets the vocals shine. The Anthony Mandler-directed video finds Ms. Aguilera within the shroud of a smoking gun and some serious "help me, no wait, don't help me" struggles with a bare chested gent.




Watch the clip now!



mp3: Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (Radio Mix)




Beastly Bits #115

YES! It's Friday, and we made it through another beast of a week. So much excellent stuff going on this weekend that we'll dive into below...


...and you bit-ta be present at all of 'em. Ha-ha...oh puns!


The Grates' front-woman, Patience Hodgson, got a makeover, but is she stealing Sia's aesthetic? You be the judge. link


The South Street Seaport Music Fest has Thee Oh Sees, Golden Triangle and So Cow tonight. It's free and starts at 6:30pm. link


Siren Fest 10 is tomorrow, down on Coney Island. Another free fun time and the weather is shaping up nicely. Listen to the EVR preview show here, and get set times at this link.


The Pool Party brings Murder City Devils, Jeff the Brotherhood, Obits and Silverghost to the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday. Yep, this is a free one too. link


Last night was the premiere of Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio. I debuted tracks from Cut Copy, The Count & Sinden (featuring Mystery Jets), and Jenny Wilson stopped by the booth for an interview and live acoustic performance. Hit the archived show here.


mp3: Wale - Beast


Sia - Stop Trying (The Hair Kid Live PA Remix)

Also known as: THE MOST IMPRESSIVE THING YOU'LL SEE ALL DAY. Caps necessary, cause that's my beastly excitement and anxiousness to relay this information to you. A few minutes ago, I was all prepared to post up a video of Sia performing an acoustic take on Be Good to Me in Berlin recently. But in doing a bit of "net-digging", something so amazing trumped that bit. You can still revel in the beauty of that previous thought-about post here, but let's get straight away to this other piece o' heat!



Stop Trying is a fun sub-3 minute track from Sia's latest album, We Are Born. Poppy and prepped for hand claps and foot stomps, it's an instant favorite for everyone from the casual listener to the most dedicated fan (song can be heard here). Now...instead of stop "trying", please stop "listening" to the original, and move on to this.


The Hair Kid, from what I gather, is your regular dude form New Jersey, who "makes music with synthesizers and [my] tongue". But what's oh so not average about the kid, is his epic, funky, live remix of Sia's Stop Trying


A recent upload to YouTube, THK set up a video camera, and proceeded to do a live mix of the song, adding his own verses throughout. The 7+ minute long fix has got me swooning like a fiend this morning, and hell if I haven't already watched and listened at least 5 times in full. There are more viewings to be had starting right now...join me, won't you?






mp3: Sia - Stop Trying (The Hair Kid Live PA Remix)




Sia Puts On Big Girl, Little Girl Show at Terminal 5

"Bring night, bring the night on...bring a little bit of dance, bring a little bit of song...". Sia sings such the sentiment in a new tune from upcoming album, We Are Born, and that is precisely what a sold-out crowd at New York City's Terminal 5 were welcomed to last night. Touring in support of the singer's forthcoming 5th studio release, the velvet-voiced vocalist treated fans to an extensive 17-song set that included most of her new material, along with the iconic pieces that have made her an international wonder.



If you've seen the singer's live performances before, you'll know that a perfect pairing of youthful amusement and wonder complement her well-seasoned and pristine vocals. Set on a stage with amps, mics and instruments covered in knitted adornments, a land of colorful stripes housed Sia and her backing band, much like a flaxen-haired fairy placed within the settings of her own personal Candyland. Entering the stage with a glowing "unic-horn", the crowd rumbled with anticipation and excitement as she began the opening sequence of The Fight (which repeats the album title in childlike fashion before launching into a set of funky riffs).


From the moment the song ended, it was evident that her most dedicated fans would be an integral part of the show. Accepting gifts from excited guys and gals, Sia bantered with the crowd between songs and offered up anecdotes about Twitter and costumes, while excitedly searching for friends in the audience.


But it's her delivery that is the driving force behind her success and adoration. Simply standing (with little movement) behind the mic, Sia let her voice carry through the crowd, as evidenced on the powerful belters like I Go to Sleep, Lentil and Breathe Me. These softer interludes offered an emotional respite between her pop-tingers like Clap Your Hands (her current single) and Never Gonna Leave Me (which we once heard live slowed down for a wedding, but gets the dance treatment on the album recording).


Overall, Sia's captured the essence of a mature woman entering her teens...a truly special and unique "big girl, little girl".


Last night's set list follows the below images, with video of You've Changed, Bring Night and Soon We'll Be Found after that. Full gallery of pictures can be found here.






The Fight
Big Girl, Little Girl
Little Black Sandals
You've Changed
Oh Father
Bring Night
I Go To Sleep
Never Gonna Leave Me
The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
Clap Your Hands
You Have Been Loved
Breathe Me
- - -
Soon We'll Be Found






mp3: Sia - Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)

mp3: Sia - Big Girl, Little Girl 



Sia on Last Call with Carson Daly (new video!)

Want to know how Sia got started in music? She jumped over to Last Call with Carson Daly last night and drops some knowledge on her background, as well as bits of info on her upcoming album.



Yep, this is a mega short post because I'll be catching the singer at her sold-out show at Terminal 5 tonight, and will have a full on rad to the max review post with pictures and video up tomorrow.


For now, enjoy this lil' nugget o' joy. 




mp3: Sia - Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Remix)




Sia - Clap Your Hands (new video & official mixes)

Nothing makes us happier than getting news from camp Sia. With an endless supply of free spiritedness along with a perfect pop musicality to boot, the Australian singer and songwriter never fails to entertain, be it visually or audibly. Today, we're picking up on a bit of both, so get ready to grin, because there are goodies to gobble up.




Second single, Clap Your Hands, from the gal's upcoming 5th studio album, We Are Born, is a jaunty jam of a gem, showcasing the singer's often-neurotic, yet embraceable, style of singing and wordplay. At times it,'s funky and with moments of sincere emotions tossed on top, not only does the track have us smacking our mitts together, but it has our feet tapping the ground in nonstop fashion. The single was released earlier this month and can be purchased here.


Yesterday, she unveiled the video for the song, and holy puppets and fundom! Sia always manages to keep a young wash of wonder throughout her videos and this one falls right in line with everything we dig about her visual productions.


Watch the clip below, then jump after for :30 second previews of official remixes of Clap Your Hands from Diplo and Fred Falke. Two completely different yet equally stunning jaw-droppers!







mp3: Sia x M.I.A. - Button Showers (The White Panda Mash)



40 Better Reasons to Get Excited About Music

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone launched their latest installment, dubbing this as a special issue on the "State of Rock". Featured within the pages is a piece titled "40 Reasons to Get Excited About Music", but alas, the compilation did little to titillate, especially with yawners like Black Eyed Peas and Miley Cyrus, along with "duh, we already know about 'em" nods to M.I.A. and The Roots. 



Seeing as how the general response to the subject was one massive head scratch, the fine folks over at Flavorpill decided to compile their own list of the 4x10 be[a]st reasons to really get amped about music today. I say be[a]st because they asked me to contribute my thoughts and wondries to the piece, and I'm super psyched to be a part of a comprehensive list of some of the raddest reasons we get super psyched for the songs and stylings in this piece. 


You can read Flavorpill's full piece here, and for your ease and convenience, I've pulled out my 5 submissions for you to skim through below. 


Big Wins from Little Labels

Forget chart numbers and actual record sales. Some of the most buzzed about bands and tracks come from fledgling startups and the "lesser knowns". Mixpak scored a few head turns when Jumeirah's Riddim was pulled to use as the base for Ludacris' My Chick Bad. Listen to those strings...mmm, memorable and tasty. But my favorite is Neon Gold Records. Releasing singles from Penguin Prison, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and Yes Giantess, just to tap the tip of their glittery glacier, the local label sees each of their artists blogged and buzzed about on a daily basis. The only time you won't hear about these kids would be is if every single blog and music site ceased to exist. EVER. Highly unlikely.


It almost feels blasphemous to include Sia in a list of "why I'm excited about music right now", because the singer has been turning out quality tunes for well over a decade. Be that as it may, the Aussie songbird is returning with her fourth studio album, We Are Born, on June 8. If you've heard the first two singles, You've Changed and Clap Your Hands, then you know she's about to score a major win thanks to the production done by local star, Lauren Flax and the bird and the bee's Greg Kurstin, respectively. Additionally, Sia, along with significant other JD Samson (of MEN and Le Tigre fame), has contributed four tracks to Christina Aguilera's upcoming release, Bionic, which drops the same day as her own offering. Color us psyched.

The Cumbia Crossover

For those unfamiliar with the spicy stylings of the modern stance on traditional rhythms of Columbia, last month's SXSW was a great way to get acclimated. Introducing Mexican outfit Bomba Estereo to a bevy of hand claps and "wows", the band brought their fiery flare to many a main stage. Much in the same vein, noted London-via-Columbia DJ and party-thrower, Isa GT, just released an EP that pulls in Crookers for a remix of her track Pela'O. Need more proof? Google search "Isa GT remix video" and hit the first link. You might not have a clue what she's saying, but I dare you to try and not dance.

MNDR's Live Show

With but one EP, and a one-off single to her credit, Brooklyn's MNDR (pronounced: Em En Dee Are) manages to take the title of my "most seen in a live setting over the past 6 months" artist, thanks to a dynamic stage presence and equally rad tracks to boot. Quite a mouthful, but the IDM (intelligent dance music) and nerdcore solo star is worth the words and effort to catch her in any setting. Having previously been associated with Yeah Yeah Yeahs as their touring keyboardist and engineer, she's made a name for herself by combining accessible electronic tunes with a lovably charismatic and spastically awesome aesthetic. 100% Beaston approved.

Phil Collins 4-Nights at Roseland in NYC

If you think for one second that I will not be in attendance for at least one of Collins' just announced nights at Roseland Ballroom in June, you're sorely mistaken. Look at any popular mainstream drummer today (wait, are there any?) and give an homaged nod to Phil's pad prowess. Now if by some stroke of luck it was announced that Steve Winwood was opening, the 5 year old in me might start hyperventilating.



mp3: Le Tigre - Im So Excited (The Pointer Sisters Cover)



Sia - Bring Night

Everyone needs a current song to crush on, and if you don't have one at the moment, then I'm offering up mine for you to partake in. Previously having featured 6 new Sia tracks, all of which you can stream on her official site, this one in particular has been played a grotesque amount of times in thine fair Beastonia. And when I say grotesque, I mean that in the most 100% complimentary way possible.



Produced by the mighty hand of Greg Kurstin, Sia's Bring Night is a gem of an arrangement. Highlighting her signature vocal inflections with a quirky 50s girl group meets modern pop undertone, there's simply no denying the catchiness of this cut.

We're particularly fond of the "oooh oh oh oh's"...and well, basically everything else about this smashing tune. Get ready to obsess. 

Sia's We Are Born is out June 8.


mp3: Sia - Bring Night

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