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Beth Ditto's Solo Debut EP Is Out Today via Deconstruction

And it's really beyond our wildest epxectations of all that is beastified, rad and oh so pow pow good. Which could, in fact, be a bold faced lie, considering the velvet and effortless vocals of Gossip frontwoman, Beth Ditto, coupled with the producing hands of Simian Mobile Disco is really the perfect recipe for all that is awesome. 


Beth ditto ep


Out now via Deconstruction, what is simply being called the Beth Ditto EP, is available through Beatport as of today, and will see an international release through iTunes on March 6. The 4-track stunner swims through house, dance, disco and electropop with a seamless flare begging for your toes to tap and thine booty to bounce.


Late last year, we got a teaser of the new tunes in this streaming sampler, and it was enough to wet our whistle and see us waiting with baited breath for the end result. Worth. And. It.


Yo, so tasty. Grab it here now!




mp3: Beth Ditto - Do You Need Someone




Beastly Bits #111

The power of three!


The power of the beast! And these other fine sites and stuffs...


Arctic Monkeys' front man, Alex Turner, is composing a movie score with James Ford - one half of Simian Mobile Disco. link


Linkin Park are going to release a new album. link


Photo gallery from T in the Park looks like fun was had. link


Artist Max Neutra paints Dean from The Dead Weather live, sped up and set to The Difference Between Us. link


Copycat remixed Robyn's Dancing On My Own into a summery and sunny fresh fix. Yours for free.


mp3: Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Copycats Sundrenched FM Remix)




Performance - Unconsoled (new video!)

It's been well too long and far between that I've heard from Performance. That nonsense ends now, as the Mancunian trio hops back into our heads with a new single and a video to accompany it. Unconsoled will be properly released on August 2 via Too Much Information Records, and the clip is below. Now, let's see about getting these kids to come play Stateside. That would be beastly as all hell yeah!



mp3: Performance - Surrender (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

mp3: Performance - Unconsoled 



The Creators Project: The Rapture Get Into It

After a secretly not-so-secret show at Union Pool last Wednesday, the new formation of NYC's own The Rapture jumped over to Milk Studios on Saturday to toss out their tunes to the wanting ears of all at The Creators Project, held at Milk Studios. Staged on the loading dock of the venue, with half of the crowd standing outside stretching to see in, the refurbished line-up, sans bassist Mattie Safer, wasted no time in launching into the hits.



Given the opening time-slot for all bands at 6:00pm, maybe it was the heat, the space, or the free booze that had everyone already too drunk to dance, but mostly everyone (save for our pack of brats) stood fairly still. Hey kids, you could've saved your motionless gazes for the art installations on the upper floors! Regardless of that, we spent a good portion of the set jumping around like a true fanatic and the foursome sounded really tight, which only piques my curiosity and anticipation for a new album.


Had to jump out of that spot before the set was over and before taking one of many elevator rides to the next performance in order to catch as much as 'twas humanly possible, but The Rapture are most definitely back. Even when taking over a loading dock.


View more pictures from The Rapture's set here.





mp3: The Rapture - Whoo! Alright, Yeah... Uh Huh (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)



Beastly Bits #82

Wee woo and wah! Today started much nicer than the week began...




...plus I just realized that since this Friday is the one before a holiday, I get released from the office job at 1:00pm that day...so basically, this week is like over already, right? Right on!


R.I.P. Paul Gray. The bassist from Slipknot passed away yesterday. link


Interview with Banksy...and he reveals his exclusive cover art for TimeOut Sydney. link


U2 cancel Glastonbury slot and a handful of tour dates due to Bono's back injury. link


Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford and Jas Shaw launch a new record label imprint, Delicacies, and an accompanying club night. link


New remix from Speak! as this self-proclaimed "34th best rapper in the world and fly-ass Mexican Jew" rips over Sleigh Bells' Infinity Guitars. Hey, it's free below...go!


mp3: Sleigh Bells (featuring Speak!) - Infinity Rap Bars (Infinity Guitars Remix)



Peaches - Billionaire (new video!)

The Wizard of Awes(ome). That's all I need to say to let you know how super rad Peaches new video for Billionaire is.


The long awaited visuals for the electroshocker's I Feel Cream album cut finally saw light of day, after we got a glimpse of on-set pics at the cusp of the new year. Directed by Cody Critcheloe (Ssion) and costuming by Ari Fish, this spectacle is colorful and crazy and a beast of a cool time.

Official video below, along with two "behind-the-scenes" cuts. Major win!





mp3: Peaches - Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

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