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Aeroplane - Without Lies (Black Van Remix)

Yum yum gimme some. That's the phrase I have repeatedly going through my head after each and every spin of Aeroplane's Without Lies. The smooth and sultry disco tinged track features vocals from Sky Ferreira, and is one of the standout cuts from the formerly Italian/Belgian duo's debut, We Can't Fly. And while Vito has since flown solo, never the mind, because the good tunes keep a'comin'...kind of like with this new single (due out November 15) and it's subsequently stellar package.




Said single gift comes presented with the original, radio edit, instrumental, Black Van and Breakbot remixes, and whilst the latter is still only available to hear in radio rip and/or preview form (and still remains the most salivated over and longed for), it's my distinct pleasure to dose you with the other fix that's just as fine and ever as titillating.


Black Van, show us what you're working with.


Full mix, beasts. Buck a rip.




mp3: Aeroplane - Without Lies (Black Van Remix)





Sky Ferreira - Wish I Stayed (new/old cover)

Dramas, back stories and intrigue, ooh la la! Well, kind of... Here's the deal: you might immediately recognize this song, either via the title or through listening, because Sky Ferreira's Wish I Stayed, is in actuality, an Ellie Goulding song. So wait, how does that enter into our world as such today? Let's read on, mmmkay?



Ms. Goulding wrote and recorded Wish I Stayed, upon whence Frankmusik asked Ms. Ferreira to record it. Sky changed up the structure of the song, which prompted Ellie to block the release, furthering on to change the way SHE sang it (in order to be like Sky's version), and that's it in a nutshell. Really old drama. Really great cover, demo, original, whatever you want to call it.


It should also be noted that there will be a Frankmusik and Sky collaboration on her new album. No more drama, hey Mary J, hey.


mp3: Sky Ferreira - Wish I Stayed



Beastly Bits #91

As promised earlier, here are today's most official and most beastliest of bits.


Tons of real kid work was done today, in order to prepare for a day out of the office tomorrow thanks to a date with Christina Aguilera. Yep, I'm going to go check out her live performance, and shit yeah, I'm pretty pumped. In the interim, get nasty with these nuggets of nice nice.


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' self-titled album is out today, and it is very very good. link


Lady Gaga debuted her new video for Alejandro earlier today. link


White Arrows are playing Mercury Lounge on June 22. Get a ticket here.


Back in November, we debuted Sky Ferreira's cover of Stevie Nicks' Stand Back. Today, we've got Skeet Skeet's Big Room Mix to offer up. Grab it below.


Casiokids' debut, Topp stemning på lokal bar, is out in the States today. Go grab it here, cause it's a summer must-own and definitely Beaston-approved.


mp3: Lady Gaga - Dance In the Dark (Monarchy Stylites Remix)

mp3: Sky Ferreira - Stand Back (Skeet Skeet Big Room Mix)

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