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Dragonette - Easy (new video!)

Dragonette's 2009 album, Fixin to Thrill, cracked our top 25 BE[a]ST albums of the past year, largely in part due to a number of songs that depart from their signature blend of gritty electropop. One said track is Easy, a smooth ride through soft vocals and liquidy undertones. Simply put...one of our most oft repeated tracks, still to this day.


Easy gets a ton of "eartime" here in Beastonia, and now, we can give it the proper visual accommodations as well, thanks to the just released video.

The video is all Martina...in a number of different looks and styles. The starkly shot video gives great space to the stunning vocals and arrangements, which highlights the dramatics expressed in the tune. Also, the crimped hair? We love it!

Watch now.




mp3: Dragonette - Pick Up the Phone (Disko Dali Remix)

mp3: Dragonette - Easy (Slaughterbrains Remix)

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