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Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)

Hey! Here's a pretty little way to start your weekend on the right note, foot and what have you. Clique, are both a remix crew and a wildly popular club night of the same name in Manchester. That's the UK, you blimey brats. In getting a message from Ian, one of the collective's members, he's made me smile quite a long while, and so we're sharing this with you. 


Sleigh bells clique remix


Ian notes: "We've just finished our remix of Sleigh Bells' Rill Rill, and we'd like you to be one of the first to hear it - we managed to get an exclusive from Derek, to do the first proper discoey remix of the amazing [song]. We stripped it down and built it back up with live guitars, disco glitter and pop magic thrown at it, for extra dancefloor-friendliness. We were listening to a lot of Phoenix, Chic and Balaeric House when we made this!"


This, plain and simple, is ruling my beastly world.


Get it below, and give Clique some listening love on their S'Cloud.




mp3: Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)




Catherine AD - Run The Heart (Sleigh Bells Cover)

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you find something ever so soothing, and yeah, it's precisely what you need at that very moment in time. So enter Catherine AD today (who is no stranger to these pages), with a simple and sublime cover that's intended to make you feel real feelings. There, I said it. My heart is warmed.




With this blanketed take on Sleigh Bells' Run the Heart, the songstress makes my knees go weak and my heart even softer. In other words...


...I love it.




mp3: CatherineAD - Run The Heart (Sleigh Bells Cover)




Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm (new video!)

Did Sleigh Bells steal M.I.A.'s ginger boy? Looks like it, but this time instead of getting shot upside the head, the lil' dude is kicking butt in a villanesque chess match, soundtracked by the Brooklyn duo's fight-inducing tune, Riot Rhythm, which comes from their debut album, Treats. It's kind of a Napoleon Dynamite meets Kill Bill sort of clip sequence, with a bit of Bobby Fischer thrown in for good measure. Riotous indeed!






mp3: Nas x Sleigh Bells - Lifes A Riot (Son Of Sam Mix)





Watch Sleigh Bells Live, In NYC, Tonight on MTV.com (also, New Video for Infinity Guitars!)

Simple as that...much like MTV did with Neon Indian last month, it's another live streaming show you can watch online in the event you missed out on the chance to snag tickets to see Sleigh Bells performing at NYC's The Studio at Webster Hall tonight. Hooray for technology!


Sleigh bells live



Get your dial-up Internet locked and loaded just before 10pm ET tonight, and you can watch Alexis and Derek shred the stage, as the show happens live here in NYC.


Get your friends in on this...and Tell 'Em whats up!








Additionally, NME just debuted the video for Sleigh Bells' Infinity Guitars. Schoolgirls, axes on fire and the strutting sidewalk stomping power of the duo are in full on rad mode. Check it out here!




mp3: Jay-Z vs Sleigh Bells - Dirt On Your Crown (DJ O-Face Mix)




The Creators Project: Sleigh Bells' Rhythmic Riot

There's a certain inevitability that drums up to mind when putting the words "creators", "project" and Sleigh Bells in the same sentence. Quite possibly the most natural selection to appear at Saturday's The Creators Project launch party, not only do Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss have one of the best albums of the year, but their unique sound and stage show created my favorite moment of the day's live performances.



With a set on the second floor main stage well into the course of the day's activities, the energies of myself and those around could be seen slowly starting to wane. Enter this Brooklyn duo and all inklings of weariness, however, go by the wayside. Showcasing many of the tracks from their 11-track, 32-minute debut disc, Treats, the set was filled with the signature shreds and shrieks we've been raging out to for months.


During the crowd favorite song A/B Machines, lots of thrashing, raging and head-banging took place as everyone joined in singing along with Alexis, to which at one point, she came over and shoved the mic between her and I, and together we excitedly sang the triumphant chorus.


Sleigh Bells always put on a great show; a spectacular noise-pop project that creates the best post-show euphoria for all in attendance.


View more pictures from their set here.





mp3: Nas x Sleigh Bells - Lifes A Riot (Son Of Sam Mix)


Stream Big Boi's New Album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, a Week Early

Post title says it all, eh? If you didn't already get how geeked I am for Big Boi's album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, then feel free to peruse the backlogs of my ravings.




Or you could stream the album, due out July 6, in its' entirety right now and make the conclusion for yourself that yeah, dudeman's got all sorts of the rad going on over the course of this disc.


Head here to give a listen now. Then scroll a wee bit down for a new tune from the album. Hustle Blood sounds like Boi lassoed Sleigh Bells to whisper the intro...and lead you straight towards the boudoir. Only it's Jamie Foxx on the crooning and Lil Jon produced the track. Super sexy!


Pre-order Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty here.



mp3: Big Boi (featuring Jamie Foxx) - Hustle Blood



Sleigh Bells x Soulja Boy - Donk Rhythm (Immuzikation Blend)


After dropping an Immuzikation track on the radio last week, our buddy boy pal from Athens, GA sent us over a new blend of his to dole out to all you lovely lil' beasts and brats. It's like a cross-coastal high five in the raddest way possible.



Mashing and mixing up two pretty opposite genres, but then when you think about it, somehow it just makes sense, the noise rock hip-hop backed Sleigh Bells, dude man takes the Brooklyn duo on a musical play date with the eccentricities of Soulja Boy.


Party jam right here, right now, when Riot Rhythm goes all Donk and what not.


Grab it...blast it...love it.


mp3: Sleigh Bells x Soulja Boy - Donk Rhythm (Immuzikation Blend)



Beastly Bits #82

Wee woo and wah! Today started much nicer than the week began...




...plus I just realized that since this Friday is the one before a holiday, I get released from the office job at 1:00pm that day...so basically, this week is like over already, right? Right on!


R.I.P. Paul Gray. The bassist from Slipknot passed away yesterday. link


Interview with Banksy...and he reveals his exclusive cover art for TimeOut Sydney. link


U2 cancel Glastonbury slot and a handful of tour dates due to Bono's back injury. link


Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford and Jas Shaw launch a new record label imprint, Delicacies, and an accompanying club night. link


New remix from Speak! as this self-proclaimed "34th best rapper in the world and fly-ass Mexican Jew" rips over Sleigh Bells' Infinity Guitars. Hey, it's free below...go!


mp3: Sleigh Bells (featuring Speak!) - Infinity Rap Bars (Infinity Guitars Remix)



Sleigh Bells Show Off Their Treats at Webster Hall

No bones about it, I'm pretty psyched for Sleigh Bells' debut album, Treats, to see it's proper release on May 11. In anticipation of next week's freshman output, the band is on a tour-de-force through the East coast, which includes 3 stops here in New York City, the first of which was last night's showcase at Webster Hall, which turned out to be a sweaty and raucous display of their most face-meltingly-rad repertoire.



Letting loose a new track from the upcoming album last week, Sleigh Bells heightened a blog-fueled love and anticipation for the Brooklyn duo's forthcoming release. Fitting then, that they entered the stage to the familiar riffs of Tell 'Em, the free song that more often than not fires up a deserving fist pump or two. In standard Sleigh-fashion, Alexis and Derek tore through their pocket of familiar songs, made famous thanks to a number of the demos which have made their way 'round the Internet more often than not.


One thing I've always loved about this pair is their unwavering confidence. Having seen them play for a small lot of twenty watchers up through last night's sell out crowd, the passion and performance-ship that these two display never ceases to impress. They shred and sing and stomp all over the stage as if their final strums might result in an apocalyptic meltdown. 


Let the Armageddon begin.


Full set of pictures from last night's show can be found here.






mp3: Sleigh Bells x Rye Rye - Tell Em Rye Rye Said Bang! (Mover Shaker Mix)




Blaqstarr - Oh My Darling (new single!)

With all the N.E.E.T. news coming out this week (see: M.I.A. and Sleigh Bells), it's no wonder that we're rounding out the Maya-bred label with another member of her coalition. Blaqstarr's been known best for his work with co-collaborators, but he's promised to put out new tunes by year's end, and we're pretty stoked on this.



The Baltimore singer, rapper, DJ and producer recently unveiled a video for his new single, Oh My Darling, a sexy and seduction-filled storm riddled with Blaq's half-whisper and moaning tones.


Watch the video below. Oh yum.





mp3: Blaqstarr - Oh My Darling



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