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Agnes Showcases her Skills at Soho House

Last night, my pal Brad from MuuMuse invited me to tag along to a showcase from Swedish chanteuse, Agnes. The Idol 2005 winner, the Scandinavian country's equivalent to our own American Idol, sauntered on stage wearing a sparkling smock and chatted up the crowd a bit before she let the vocals soar.


Due to a busy past week and even more hectic upcoming set of days, Agnes was only able to perform one song. Selecting her most notable smash, Release Me, the singer went acoustic with a solo guitar accompaniment/male backup vocalist. 

From the one song sang, it's evident that Agnes has a striking live and recorded voice, worthy of the best eurohouse backing tracks. We'd have liked to see her perform another cut or two (frankly, we're fond of On and On), but hey, this beast does not pass up free music and food! Agnes' third studio album, Dance Love Pop, was released in 2008, and will see a proper Stateside release later this year. (more pictures can be viewed here)

Good music, great friends, and a solo dance party for one capped off the evening. (yes, 'twas me, duh)


mp3: Agnes - On and On (Benny Benassi Remix)


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