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Checking In Before We Do That Beastly Countdown Thing in a Few Days

Oh hi! Remember me? I barely do... considering the whirlwind'rishing sort of week we've had since right before Christmastime factivities and still continuing on through this moment. Seriously, this very minute right now. Neither here nor there, though, cause I was simply going to leave this space untouched til the new set of calendrical offerings, but that's not really fair to you or me. I need a hot few seconds to breathe and release and let my weird words fly, so herein, a brief catchup. And hopefully 'tis not the last til 2011. Whatever... THIS!




Nothing new to see here. Nothing new to hear here (lol at "hear here", cause we are juvenile...) But why not just give you a moment to laugh at my expense, because below, oh it's only the three songs I've listened to the most over the past week or so.


I really don't know why. My fingers just keep finding the play button as soon as I scroll past these lil' gems, eh! And shock of all shockers, none of them are remixes... umm, WHAT?


Gigglefest, and GO!




For when you need a sweet drop of a beat at the 1:58 mark, I give you...

mp3: Hot Chip - I Feel Better


For when you want to reminisce and raise your hands in exaltation, the offering is...

mp3: Sonique - It Feels So Good


For when you want to believe and justify that your tastes are radder than mine, it's time for...

mp3: Danity Kane - Sucka For Love



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