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Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Any excuse to listen to Soul II Soul's classic track, Back to Life, is good enough for me. What makes this reason even more spectacular, however, is that our pal, Monsieur Adi, has taken the song from early 90's British r&b dance floors to a freshened up orchestratic stroll through a modernized mix. This has me saying wow...wow, and oh yeah....wow.



Sexy picture up there aside, the masterful monsieur delivers a fantastic fix of a song that both he and I love like none other. Here's what he's got to say...


"I wanted to send a remix of a track that I love and wanted to remix for some time . It's a super clash of baroque and electro (maybe new disco) that starts off with an original classical composition of strings and harpsichord. The beat later comes in with those excellent vocals and some synth arpeggios. From there synths and strings build over the beat until it explodes . There is a middle orchestral break down and then builds back to the dancing. I had such an amazing time remixing this since I just did it for fun ! Hope you enjoy your listen!"


And enjoy I do...as all you beasts are about to as well. Go...and dance!


mp3: Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Monsieur Adi Remix)


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