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Introducing: Rai Knight

Also known as, get this ish in your ear holes right now. Rai Knight's made a bit of noise throughout blogworld dot com's'ville over the past few weeks, and I'd be remiss if I didn't add a little kindling to the fire that's already burning in her honor. The Warren, MI native roots herself in nouveau'mage. Get it? Like nouveau, as in modern, and eau'mage as in an homage to a retro rad sound. And/or I'm just mashing up words to describe how killer her sound is because I'm at a loss for real lingo. Right on...



Self-described as "trip-pop with soul", Knight is a triple-threat in that she sings, writes and produces her own original material. The young, budding talent quickly found a niche within my playlists, thanks to relevantly-rad tunes like Pied Piper and Pivotal, but be warned, she's been recording experimental style beats off a boombox since she was 9, so she's got the chops to back it up.


With production from The Skouts and FrontStreet Records repping her, this gal's got the goods to make me groove. Recently, she'd offered up a few tracks that are rocking my world, including New New, which you can also feast your eyes on in video form below.


And heads up Beaston-ites. I'll be spinning some Rai Knight on East Village Radio's Belly of the Beast tonight, airing from 8-10pm EST. I won't say exactly when, because I am a traffic monger and want you to listen to me wax on the whole time. 




mp3: Rai Knight - Pied Piper

mp3: Rai Knight - New New



Cee-Lo Green - ChamPain (new song!)

Yes!  The velvet-voiced "closet freak" is dishing out more new tunes, and we say thank you sir, tip o' the cap, and plant a mighty *muah* on your hand.




ChamPain comes from Cee-Lo's Stray Bullets mixtape, which is a free full-length download, that you should get in your libraries, like prointo. Grab it here.


Additionally, I'm still super excited for The Lady Killler to finally see a release (sometime later this year), but in the meantime, you can view Green's video for No One's Gonna Love You, which is a cover of Band of Horses' original tune. Watch it!




mp3: Cee-Lo Green - ChamPain




Pete Lawrie - All That We Keep (JOCKS Remix)


Penny Lane-born and Penarth-bred Pete Lawrie blames his parents for his idiosyncratic tastes in music and for the passion in his songwriting. His mother plays the oboe in an opera, his father makes woodwind instruments, and his grandfather played on the original recording of Strawberry Fields Forever. Raised listening to the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Elton John and The Beatles, Pete recalls childhood summer family drives across the South of France on his new EP, All That We Keep.



This EP is a rich series of recordings that introduces Pete’s modern southern soul, and draws upon bittersweet blues, gospel, country, all capped by his rough-hewn vocal. All That We Keep’s careworn beauty is a fine example of how special this unassuming character is set to be. Backed by two of his own remixes under different aliases, a Jay-Z cover (Song Cry) with American songstress Lauren Prichard, and a new track written with Guillemots vocalist Fyfe Dangerfield, it’s a fascinating introduction to this intense but welcoming young Welshman.


After being introduced to Lawrie this morning and giving a number of his tunes a listen, it's pretty evident that the gruff guy is ready to make you swoon with his heartfelt and emotional songs.


Pretty psyched to dose you with the exclusive, and quite gorgeous, JOCKS' remix of the song All That We Keep. This goes on repeat immediately.


mp3: Pete Lawrie - All That We Keep (JOCKS Remix)



Cee-Lo Green - Georgia (new song!)

Last month...no wait, today is June. So, back at the end of our 4th month, yes April, the wonderful Gilles Peterson debuted a new Cee-Lo Green track. (yep, he's going by the full moniker pending his "scheduled for late 2010" release, The Lady Killer). I Want You is a summery slice of awesomeness, but it's an even newer cut that's got me all sorts of excited to see what the Closet Freak has in store for the full length.



Georgia pays homage to Green's home state and it's like he took the best of the dark trippy bits of Gnarls Barkley and smoothed 'em under his signature tones.


We like this a lot and think you will too. 


Mmm...horn sections.


mp3: Cee-Lo Green - I Want You

mp3: Cee-Lo Green - Georgia



Theophilus London - Humdrum Town (new video!)

2009 was undoubtedly a "break through" year for Theophilus London, however, 2010 will (and mark my words) be the time that this magnificent performer crosses all boundaries with a speeding bullet.


In early oh-nine, London swarmed Beastonia with his This Charming Mixtape, a fitting follower to his first free release, Jam! An eclectic mix of hip-hop and soul, Theophilus' productions sparked a massive admiration from myself and many friends and colleagues. Late last year, London released a fullly mastered and beefed up version of Humdrum Town via Green Label, The original can be heard on This Charming Mixtape, but this new rendition features additional vocals from Jesse Boykins III while keeping the same passionate intonations as the much shorter original. Later today, the new video for the track will debut on MTV2, but you gotta love our wide world of interneticism and the fact that you can watch the fresh visuals right now.



I'm digging the casual, cool vibe of this video. The track never fails to send a chill up my spine at the :54 second mark when Theophilus exclaims "OH!" and the chorus kicks in. In addition to the extremely unique and totally rad music he keeps coming out with, he bought me gum on my birthday...so there's simply not a bad yarn I could ever spin about him.

mp3: Jack Penate - Pull My Heart Away (Theophilus London Remix)


Sade - Soldier of Love (new video!)

At the stroke of midnight, Sade crept into this brisk and blustery morning with a brand new video for lead/title single, Soldier of Love, from the band's forthcoming 6th studio album.


It's been 10 years since the fantastically-crafted Lover's Rock was unleashed upon wanting ears, so many fans and friends of the English soul singer have been longing for new material. For Sade herself, as the lynchpin of the group's songwriting effort, it's a simple matter of integrity and authenticity. “I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I'm not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.”

That said, everything comes in due time...including the video for SOldier of Love, which premiered exclusively over on Amazon.com earlier this morning. Watch the video now.



The video is a stunning display of intense imagery, powerful colors and the super sexiness of beats and beauty as poured forth from Sade.

Sade's Soldier of Love will be out February 9 via Epic Records.

mp3: Sade - Soldier Of Love (Big Krit Remix)

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