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Sleigh Bells x Soulja Boy - Donk Rhythm (Immuzikation Blend)


After dropping an Immuzikation track on the radio last week, our buddy boy pal from Athens, GA sent us over a new blend of his to dole out to all you lovely lil' beasts and brats. It's like a cross-coastal high five in the raddest way possible.



Mashing and mixing up two pretty opposite genres, but then when you think about it, somehow it just makes sense, the noise rock hip-hop backed Sleigh Bells, dude man takes the Brooklyn duo on a musical play date with the eccentricities of Soulja Boy.


Party jam right here, right now, when Riot Rhythm goes all Donk and what not.


Grab it...blast it...love it.


mp3: Sleigh Bells x Soulja Boy - Donk Rhythm (Immuzikation Blend)


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