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Listen to a New Monarchy Song, Jealous Guy, and Pre-Order Debut Album (Finally)




After a leak and some delays and some hullaballoo surrounding the imepndingly fantastic debut offering from Monarchy, we're pretty pumped as pumped could be to let you know that you can pre-order the release now. It's called Around the Sun and your advance "oooh I want it" link is here. In the meantime, listen to a new song, Jealous Guy, below in the player.


Also, something of note: Maybe I'm Crazy is the next single, and it's got a remix from Azari & III which is sure to whet my waiting whistle. Additionally, I had Monarchy call into EVR's Belly of the Beast earlier this year. Listen to said chat right here, ok.



Jealous Guy by Monarchy 




Wax Motif & Neoteric's Go Deep is Out Now

The latest release on Southern Fried Records comes courtesy of Wax Motif & Neoteric. Go Deep is a slice of quality house music and remixes come from Keith & Supabeatz, Gingy and Maxxi Soundsystem. 




Buy the brand new radness here. This EP also proves the point that chopping and smoothing out Janet cuts will always get you posted on these pages, as well as finding room on every set list I ever spin out. See: Prince Club's Love Jackson



Wax Motif & Neoteric: Go Deep by Southern Fried Records 



mp3: Wax Motif and Neoteric - Go Deep (Extended Mix)



Oh Land - We Turn it Up (new song!)

We turn it up, we turn it up, we don't care what you say! That's what we like to hear, specifically when it comes from one of our Beaston-faves in Oh Land. Her latest song, We Turn it Up, is newly available on iTunes now, and is part of her self-titled EP. Grab it here in anticipation of her samely-named debut full length, which is out on March 15. We turn it up and we like it a lot!



We Turn It Up by OhLand 



Stream This Now: Savage Skulls' Caravan/Watching You EP Preview

It's out on Valentines Day via Sound Pellegrino, and it's quite possibly the best bit of ear lovin' you could ask to be gifted with on said holiday. "It" being Savage Skulls' brand new EP, Caravan / Watching You, which yes, features those two new tracks as well as a couple of fix ups and dubs to supplement the offering.


Savage skulls ep


I don't want to say much more, in fact, if you want a large story on the release, you can hit this page here


Or you can let the music do the rad talking as per below.


Beaston approved!



SAVAGE SKULLS 'Caravan / Watching You' EP preview by soundpellegrino 



mp3: Oh Land - Sun of a Gun (Savage Skulls Remix)




Stream This Now: Holy Ghost! - Do It Again

80s babies rejoice, cause this new Holy Ghost! song, Do It Again, is pretty awesome, on some Knight Rider meets Safety Dance-esque kicks and beats. 


Holy ghost


Give it a stream below. It comes from their forthcoming debut album, which we are pretty psyched on wrapping our ever lovin' ears around.



Holy Ghost - Do It Again by DFA Records 





Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (new single) and The Magician Remixes Said Song

I Follow Rivers is the forthcoming single off of Lykke Li's highly anticipated sophomore album. She's already performed the track live at a number of venues, including at NYC's le poisson rouge last month, and now you can hear the full version, along with an official remix from The Magician, who has basically been blowing my gaskets off with his stellar touch.


Lykke li


1. You are welcome.


2. Oh yeah.





Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)


Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers





Erasure Offer A Little Respect (HMI Redux) to Support LGBTQ Youth

I make no bones about my love for Erasure, and yes I've told the story time and time again about how I was raised super conservative Catholic, etc... yet my dad loved all up on the duo and in turn, we now find this beast able to sing along to every word of every song from 'em. So in getting word that Andy Bell and Vince Clarke have come together again with a special refix of one of their most popular hits, and to top it off, it's done to support a youth community in need of some extra hugs and lovin', well, color me ecstatic.




Proceeds from the track will be donated to The Hetrick-Martin Institute, the home of the Harvey Milk High School, in New York, and the True Colors Fund. The Hetrick-Martin Institute, the nation’s oldest and largest LGBTQ youth service organization, provides a safe and supportive environment to all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity so that they can achieve their full potential. 


A Little Respect (HMI Redux) features a youth chorus from the Hetrick-Martin Institute who also appear in the music video, directed by filmmaker Jason Stein.


Buy the single here now and support the fund!



Erasure - A Little Respect (HMI Redux)





Fenech-Soler - Demons (Yuksek Remix)

Sometimes it's nice just to check in on buddy boy Yuksek, because every time we do, we somehow stumble across a piece of his pretty little pie that eventually, nay, almost immediately goes straight to the top of our currently most played tracks. And so goes the case today, with not one, but two, fine fixes; the first comes from an outfit we already hold dear, and the second bonus bumper, well, we're all gonna start learning about this lass...real hard.




The tight troupe of lads from Kings Cliffe, Fenech-Soler, have been hovering on tongues' tips for a solid set of time now, and since early 2009, they've released all of 3 official singles. 2011, however, sees them grab album cut, Demons, from their debut and toss it into the "on it's own output" arena. Well, with subsequent remixes, including one from the man we're heralding: Yuksek.


You can stream that after I ramble on wee bit more.


As your bonus beast-approved cut, gobble up the dude's fix of Anything Maria's Cook Him Up, which is a whole lot of words thrown together to form an artist name / song title that I have never heard of prior to earlier this week. Apparently AM is the next "it" one in France, or so sayeth these verbs and nouns: "Eclectique, polymorphe, la musique d'Anything MARIA s'oriente vers un songwriting POP, mutant et moderne, sans complexe ni frontière."


Admission: I cannot read or translate that, but I can spin this song and love it. Which I've already done a ton, including on this past week's Belly of the Beast on East Village Radio. Proof! Stick it through to the 2:52 mark when the soaring really starts to, well, soar.



Fenech-Soler - Demons (Yuksek Remix) by sheenabeaston 



mp3: Anything Maria - Cook Him Up (Yuksek Remix)




T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera) - Castle Walls

I don't care what you say, think or feel... I've already cried three super solid times to new track, Castle Walls, from T.I.'s upcoming album, No Mercy, which features my fellow Pittsburghian homegirl, Christina Aguilera, on the emotional tip (pun...ha!) during the chorus. 











T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera) - Castle Walls





Stream This Now: MEN - Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix)




MEN! No really, it's MEN back with an official remix to their current single, Off Our Backs. Ever since hearing it way way back and when (hard to believe it's been nearly 2 years now!), it's been one of my favorite cuts of theirs. On the new EP, mixes of the original come from Jeppe, Lemonade and Steven Bloodbath. Having already heard the first two, I'd been clamoring to 'ear the latter, and now, I have the distinct pleasure of hitting you with the exclusive stream of said piece of heat. Not gonna lie, this is awesome because it sounds like SB (hey, nice initials!) pulled influence from MEN's other lovely slice, Simultaneously. Here we go!



MEN - Off Our Backs (Steven Bloodbath Remix) by hannahrad 




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