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Foals Cover Swedish House Mafia's One (Your Name) on Radio 1's Live Lounge

Oh wowee zowee who what and howee! On a recent trip through BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge with Jo Whiley, and as all guests who trek through her timeslot do, Foals performed a few songs from their recent album, Total Life Forever. On top of that, their cover song selection was one I had not anticipated in the slightest, yet it works quite nicely, as the boys give their best go at Swedish House Mafia's One (Your Name). Just...oh yeah!





The original track has been burning up dance floors both stateside and internationally, and one might insist that had this Oxford band created this song as performed live in the lounge, it would still be quite the chart topper it is as of now.


The  boys say: "It's got a really good energy to it...so we felt like we wanted to go back to our roots. It also has a topical reference to where we recorded the album at..."


Obviously, the release was crafted in Sweden. Obviously, I am 100% in love with this cover.




mp3: Foals - One (Your Name) [Swedish House Mafia Cover]




Beastly Bits #112

Yesterday was a beast of a day...in about a million different ways. Some good, some meh, but all beastly one in the same.


Today will once again be a monster of a long one...but it's all good. Know why? Cause these sites rule and you should "fave" 'em right away.


Ali's Blog


First Up!






Zaber Riders


mp3: Swedish House Mafia x Lady Gaga x Congorock x Brad Walsh - ONE Monster (MORNINGSTAR Mix)   


Stream a New Kylie Minogue Song - Cupid Boy

Just because...I think you all need to hear this now.




Why do I love it so much? Probably in part due to the production/writing from Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish House Mafia), Stuart Price, Magnus Lidehall (Afasi & Filthy), Nick Clow and Luciana Caporaso, and definitely in part due to the fact that it's nothing short of brilliant. And the below lyrics...


so why don't you thrill me, like you did before //  why don't you give me a little bit more
why don't you call me, start hitting me up, hitting me up, hitting me up // just give me your love


You are welcome.  


Sheena Beaston Mix to be Featured on P3 Pop with Sara Martinsson (June 28, 2010)

Knowing my love of all things Swedish, pop and radio-centric, getting an email from Sara Martinsson, host of the fantastic P3 Pop show on Sweden National Radio, was not only a shock (in the best way possible) but quite the beastly honor as well. With Martinsson coming stateside this month, she's featuring a ton of New York City music entities. She's already done it this past Monday, and on June 28, we literally get to jump into the mix. 



Think of this as a programming note. A "hey hey you better tune in!" post, if you will, because Sara will be debuting my 10-minute minimix...fixed and fiddled with by my own hands! 


While I can't give you the final file just yet being that it won't air until Monday June 28 during the 21:00-23:00 time slot (3 - 5pm EST), I thought it might be fun to tease you with some background on why I chose the songs I did, along with an intensely abbreviated track list of the songs I used.


Feel free to guess which songs you might be hearing. (save this link for next week's listening!)


I have musical ADD. That being, I cant keep listening to one song for too long...and fittingly enough, this stunted attention span of mine worked out pretty well when creating a true "New York City" minimix. The cast of characters I come across in every day life is mirrored in the below list of songs. We start in the 'hood I inhabit with a fun little fix/re-rub of the first track that shouts out "this is a story a [Astoria]", and we travel through London, Sweden, Sydney, Italy, South Africa, Berlin via Canada, and a few other international destinations before returning home. Beastly, indeed.




mp3: Swedish House Mafia (featuring Pharrell) - One (Radio Edit)




Supermode - Tell Me Why (Redlight Remix)

If you still haven't jumped on board the Redlight express, then tighten your belts and get ready to rock because if I haven't been able to convince you so far that this dude is the legit truth, then let today be a lesson in the radness of his remix game. Holy sweatballs, let's go!


Tell Me Why was a smashing house cut from 2006, produced by part of the "Swedish House Mafia" aka DJs Steve Angello and Axwell, under the alias Supermode. The original is actually a remix of two Bronski Beat songs from the album The Age of Consent, with music sampled from the song Smalltown Boy and lyrics, performed by Hal Ritson, taken from Why?.


Ok, now scrub all those details from your brain, and get ready to bounce your body thanks to Redlight's refreshing new mix of the track.


This is one of those cuts we like call "mega-repeatable". Get it!


mp3: Supermode - Tell Me Why (Redlight Remix) 

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