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MEN - Simultaneously (Tête-À-Tête Remix)

This is a Beast's dream right here. First up, you take the "dripping with emotion" radness of a song I fell head-over-heels in love with last year, then you pair it up with a trio of dj-dynamos, and the resulting remix is, hands down (and sure, we'll prematurely ring it in now) one of the finest fixes you'll hear this year.



Let's bring in MEN and Tête-À-Tête, shall we? Yes, yes we shall. See, MEN is that nifty art-rock/socially-minded outfit that we can't seem to quit. So when I got word yesterday that the coolest lads in the land would be putting out their first official remix in association with the trio, I yelled "clear!" in the hopes that someone had shock paddles to bring my heart back to regular arrythmia.


See, T-A-T are partially the boys with the brains behind Dinner With The Band, an IFC original series we've been raving about for some time. As part of their fall premieres, they invited MEN to join and "dish" it out with friends, fans and food. Neither here nor there, but this match up seemed like the recipe for success. (Yes, I went there...)


So when I got wind early yesterday morning that the boys' first foray into official mixery would be to tackle the tune, Simultaneously, I swooned without needing to hear a single beat. But then, I most certainly turned it on and turned it way up and had a "hey it's Monday, and I'm at work, but I'm going to dance anyway" sort of progression of time. 

And today again, I listened. Today again, I loved. Tomorrow, I'll go back to one and start again.


The track, along with our pal Lauren Flax's mix, is yours, for free, below.


mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Tête-À-Tête Remix)

mp3: MEN - Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)

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