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Maximum Balloon (featuring Theophilus London) - Groove Me (T-Minus 321 Remix)

Holy shades of Madonna's Lucky Star in this intro! We all know how big a fangirl I am of T-Minus 321's remixes, and considering I've been mega-crushing on Maximum Balloon for a good portion of my most recent listenings, then it's kind of a no-brainer that the two come together on this fix.


No more words. I can't afford 'em, cause I'll be too busy dancing to this rework of Groove Me, featuring Theophilus London.





mp3: Maximum Balloon (featuring Theophilus London) - Groove Me (T-Minus 321 Remix)




My Gold Mask - Two NYC Shows Next Week

We've hosted 'em, we've debuted their tracks, we've seen 'em in Austin...now, NYC, you need to freaking get on board already, because My Gold Mask are on a mini-tour of the city next week, and we're not listening to any excuses as to why you should be in attendance at one or both of their gigs. Real talk.




Next week, the Chicago duo of Jack and Gretta bring their radness a little further east, when they swing through NYC for a two stop set of performances mid-next septet. 


First up, MGM hit Union Hall on Wednesday, April 21 for our pal, Jonny Leather's party. He's got a kickass lineup featuring our beloved band, along with Sunglasses, Lagoon and Neighbors. More details can be found at this link.


The following night, My Gold Mask get crushed, er, well they'll give you a reason to call them your latest object of desire, when the monthly Meanred party, Crush, brings together MGM, Hussle Club, Rafter and Free Magic for a Thursday night explosion of punk, rock, dance and disco. It's a virtual melting pot of getting up with the get downs and we're psyched to shake it at this fest next week. More details here.


And because it begs repeating...our buddy T-Minus 321 did the most insanely hot remix of My Gold Mask's Violet Eyes earlier this year. I want to cry this is so damn epic. Grab it below if you haven't already.


mp3: My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes (T-Minus 321 Remix)



My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes (T-Minus 321 Remix)



I'm not sure I've ever been more excited to debut something in my beastly existence. With but a simple comment nearly a month ago, a dialogue began between myself, one of the raddest up-and-coming mixers in T-Minus 321, and the lovely pair we know as My Gold Mask, concerning a potential remix. Herein lies the truth, the future and the radness.


Here's what we know. My Gold Mask are hotly-tipped to have a breakout year, releasing their A Thousand Voices EP to a ton of blog-love and praise, heading to SXSW where they'll undoubtedly steal your Austin-bound hearts, and generally being two of the most talented individuals we've discovered in the past year.


Enter T-Minus 321, a dude whose name we've rung up a number of times over the course of our 2+ year life in Beastonia. It's no secret that many of his mixes have found a comfy home here within our pages, and rightfully so.


So with a few massive knob twists and tweaks, he's transformed MGM's Violet Eyes in a major way. Long gone is the dramatically-sparse drum-rock original, paving the way for a super-futuristic and funk-filled jawn. The 3:20 mark hits and you enter interplanetary dimensions beyond belief. I never had any doubts that he'd churn out such a killer fix, but little did I know that I'd find an obsession of the raddest beastly proportions.


Get it now and get it good. All optimism that you're going to love this.


mp3: My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes (T-Minus 321 Remix)


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