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Crystal Castles Announce 2011 Tour Dates

There's no way I'm missing this. After catching Crystal Castles at Terminal 5 back in August, I swore I would always make every effort to hit their live performances, and now, with the announcement of a ton of tour dates in the impending year, I can start counting down the days until I'll be in fit of sweat and rage once again. 148. THAT'S how many days until they come back to NYC. Nerding the heck out!


Crystal castles


Here are the freshly released dates. After that, grab a new remix courtesy of Story Of Isaac which is all too amazing right now.




March 2    San Diego CA - House of Blues
March 3    Pomona CA - Fox Theatre
March 4    San Francisco CA - Warfield Theatre
March 6    Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
March 7    Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom
March 8    Seattle, WA - Showbox at the Market
March 11  Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
March 12  Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre
March 13  Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Music Hall
March 15  Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts
March 16  Washington DC - 9:30 Club
March 18  New York, NY - Terminal 5
March 19  Boston, MA - House of Blues
March 26  Miami, FL - Ultra Music Festival
April 2   Toronto, ON - Sound Academy



mp3: Crystal Castles - Baptism (Story Of Isaac Remix)




Recap: Scissor Sisters Get Super Hot, and a Little Sweaty, at Terminal 5

Sporting lots of leather and no lace, Scissor Sisters returned to their hometown of New York City last night, and took Terminal 5 on a tour of their biggest hits, spanning three full-length albums which culminated in their most recent, and strongest, release, Night Work. And work the night, and the stage, they did.


Scissor sisters_terminal 5_1

Starting with the title track from said album, the entrance to the stage proved precisely what was in store for the predominantly male, and seemingly way oversold crowd. Lights, latex and limber moves abounded as Jake Shears and Ana Matronix shared vocal duties over the course of the evening, pairing up for calisthenics during Any Which Way and Whole New Way, the first of which you can catch video of below.


Small players Del Marquis and Baby Daddy take an obvious back seat to the glitz and glamour of the two frontspair, but their musical finessings proved easy to swallow, and ultimately outshone the vocals on a number of the songs. Crowd energy hit a peaked high when the troupe launched into debut hit, Take Your Mama Out, after Ana and Co. dedicated it to all the families, including their own, in the audience.


Working the night in the most sensual way, Scissor Sisters were welcomed back home with wide open, and spirited arms.


View full set of images from the show here. Video of Any Which Way is below a few choice pictures and the set list.


Scissor sisters_terminal 5_2

Scissor sisters_terminal 5_3

Scissor sisters_terminal 5_4

Scissor sisters_terminal 5_5

Night Work
Any Which Way
She’s My Man
Something Like This
Whole New Way
Tits on the Radio
Harder You Get
Running Out
Take Your Mama
Kiss You Off
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Skin Tight
Skin This Cat
Fire With Fire
Paul McCartney
Night Life

Comfortably Numb
Invisible Light
Filthy Gorgeous



mp3: Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way (7th Heaven Club Mix) 



Recap: Lights, Sounds and Bruises with Crystal Castles at Terminal 5

Let it be known: I've never gone to a show under the premise of "oh lawdy no, I'm not taking my camera out for fear of what might happen to it...or even, me." But that all changed this past Saturday when Crystal Castles rolled through Terminal 5, on another date under the HARD NYC guise. Armed with a battalion of my closest pals, we braved the threshes of a rabid crowd and got right near stage front. Totes worth it.



Since I have no pictures, words and a few shaky, seizure-inducing videos will have to do.


Highlights of the set included Baptism (duh), Untrust Us played as the first song back in the encore, and about half of singer Alice Glass' time spent crowd-surfing and generally raging the heck out of the venue's stage. Tons of bruises subsequently sprouted up in the past two days, but frankly, the crowd, as rambunctious as it was, surprisingly held a certain camaraderie about it...even when I was desperately grasping a fellow Castle-thrashers' neck to balance myself.


Next level endorphins ran high during and after the set. One act not to miss live.





mp3: Crystal Castles - Untrust Us




Pretty Lights and RJD2 Steam Up Terminal 5

Let's paint this picture: it's 12:30am this past Friday, and here I am sitting on the subway, legs wet and sticking to the seat, shirt looking as through I'd just run through a sprinkler. And this was all well over an hour after leaving Terminal 5, and the hotter than hell sets by RJD2 and Pretty Lights. Worth it? Undoubtedly.



On a night filled with preteens, pre-show pukers, and presumptions beyond belief, it was nice to see that each of those three entities were kicked to the curb within minutes of stepping foot inside the venue. Yep, the young'uns got booted, both for being underage and for revisiting their dinners (gross), but it was the notions I had going in that went by the wayside as each respective gent took to the stage.


Having known and loved the better portion of RJD2's catalogue for quite some time, having finally caught his impressive set in a live setting was quite the experience. 4 turntables befit the skills of a man with a lot to say...through his talented hands. Only downside was seeing the young young young, did I mention they were young, crowd react giddily to Ghostwriter, especially since his repertoire hosts and boasts many a pleasurable track beyond that known tune. It was evident that the gelatinous (does that make sense instead of saying juicehead?) mob came for Pretty Lights and he alone. The Colorado native, although still unsigned, played one thumping tune after another to a sold out crowd who danced themselves silly and all sorts of sweaty. It was basically a rave cave, and everyone was digging the slimy walls thanks to a solid set of his well-known works.


Best part of the night? Sitting on the roof deck and a 19 year old NYU student sits next to me and my "slightly older than I by a few years" pal, to which she asks us: "What grade are you guys in?"




View images from RJD2 and Pretty Lights.







mp3: Pretty Lights - Fly Away Another Day

mp3: RJD2 - When It Wobbles



Metric Fight it Out to Wow the Crowd at Terminal 5

If the 2000's can be characterized by one band's formation and rise from underground darlings to stadium filler worthy contenders, then give Metric the prize. Now, sure that might be my own beastly opinion, but having released four successful albums in the past nine years, touring worldwide, and given last night's encouraging and energetic romp through a sold-out Terminal 5, then I'll know I'm not alone in the sentiment.



Drawing heavily from their 2009 album, Fantasies, the Canadian four-some entered the stage to the opening beats of Twilight Galaxy, after an opening set by Bear in Heaven. Generally known as one of the softer cuts from the release, the band decided to amp up their live rendition of the song, by tossing in an extended instrumental break and throttling drum sequences, leading front-woman Emily Haines to thrash behind her keys.


Jumping from one end of the stage to the next, from behind the keys to the end of the risers, Haines led her mates through a quick and efficient set....choosing to go from one song to the next with little to no banter in between. These are the kinds of performances I love to see: a dedicated focus on the music that does not let an audience lull in between...there's no room to be left disappointed or bored, and I commend Metric for their flourish of radness.


Save for Blindness, the entire span of their latest offering was on display, a feat I'm proud to have witnessed since after having seen them perform many times, this was the first I'd had to witness the newer material. Choosing to save the proverbial fan favorites until the next to last song (Dead Disco) and the 2-song encore of Monster Love and an acoustic run through Combat Baby, Haines, Shaw, Scott-Key and Winstead wowed the crowd when, during an extended version of Empty, the flaxen-haired singer began singing the lyrics of Beastie Boys' Fight For Your Right over the instrumentation.


Fight on and win they did.


Full set of images from the show can be found here. Video of Gold Guns Girls is below select shots and the set list. Images from Bear in Heaven's opening set can be viewed here.






Twilight Galaxy
Satellite Mind
Front Row
Help I’m Alive
Empty // Fight For Your Right (to Party)
Collect Call
Gold Guns Girls
Gimme Sympathy
Sick Muse
Dead Disco
Stadium Love

Monster Hospital
Combat Baby [acoustic]






mp3: Metric - Between The Bars (Elliott Smith Cover)

mp3: Metric - Sick Muse (Adam Freeland Remix)



Massive Attack, Martina Topley-Bird and Neon Indian Create an Electric Paradise at Terminal 5

"Oh well, the devil makes us sin...but we like it when we're spinning in his grip..." A set of opening lyrics from Massive Attack's Paradise Circus provide a slinky course of wonder throughout every listening experience. And while the UK electronica/trip-hop duo decided against performing the song (off of latest album Heliogland), at last night's stop at NYC's Terminal 5, the sentiment expressed rings pure and true, as Robert Del Naja (3D) and Grantley Marshall (Daddy G) played the role of the dark underlords who held captive a sold out crowd of their most dedicated fans and, dare we say, massive enthusiasts.



With opening acts Martina Topley-Bird and Neon Indian setting the stage for the main attraction, Terminal 5 became a veritable 3-ring circus of the best in eclectic electronica. Topley-Bird began the evening with an utterly sublime set of songs, consisting of looping her vocals and playing keys, drum-pads  and guitar. The singer's unique voice cuts through equally on her recorded tracks as it does live. While her 2008 album, The Blue God, has failed to see a proper US release, having heard songs from the release in this arena proved polished and timeless, while keeping a modern-day nouveau cool mentality.


After, Neon Indian graced the risers with a short set of their most well-known tunes. And while they got cut short before hitting their finale of Ephemeral Artery, Alan, his mates, and his hair were in fine form, keeping the buzz of the building at excited euphoric levels.





Beginning just before 10pm, the lights lowered and a roaring applause rolled through the crowd. As Del Naja took the stage with a full backing band, LED lights and electrics galore, the opening and unmistakable drum hits of United Snakes ushered in the start of a 16-song set, which included 4 encore songs.


Most of the set relied on material from Heliogland, as well as the band's 1998 album, Mezzanine. While the former recorded tracks rely heavily on guest vocals, including Hope Sandoval and Damon Albarn, Topley-Bird, along with Horace Andy and Deborah Miller were welcomed on stage to provide the chorales for Safe From Harm and Girl I Love You, to name a few. A personal highlight for me was the inclusion of Martina on Tear Drop, as she joined the band for a perfect recounting of the haunting tune.


With the lights and sounds displaying a visual assault on all the senses, it's safe to say this was a truly incredible experience. Massive? Yes. Memorable? Most definitely.


Please see full sets of pictures for Martina Topley-Bird (here), Neon Indian (here) and Massive Attack (here). Last night's set list is below a few choice cuts.






United Snakes 
Girl, I Love You 
Future Proof 
Invade Me 
Safe From Harm 
Inertia Creeps 

Splitting the Atom 
Unfinished Sympathy 
Atlas Air 


mp3: Martina Topley-Bird - Poison (Van She Tech Remix)

mp3: Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom

mp3: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer


Metric - Gold Guns Girls (new video!)

Late last month, Metric released Gold Guns Girls as their current UK single. Coming off their stellar 2009 album, Fantasies, the track was backed with the B-side of the Adam Freeland's remix of Sick Muse. (buy the single here) Long awaited visuals for the title track of this latest effort are now upon us too. Let's get it on!



Produced by the band, along with Eady Brothers, Metric's latest foray into music video world goes all black and white with a frenetic run through snow-riddled streets. The contrasting visuals pair neatly with the lightning charges that the Canadian four-piece have molded on the song. Emily Haines’ seductive and distinguished vocals on the track, as accompanied by James Shaw’s explosive guitar riffs, create a perfect hook-driven one-two punch.


Metric are playing Terminal 5 this Sunday, May 16, with opener, Bear in Heaven. The show is sold out, so go toss a wish on the Craigslist if you want to get in to the show.


Watch the video for Gold Guns Girls now.




mp3: Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

mp3: Metric - Gold Guns Girls



Sia Puts On Big Girl, Little Girl Show at Terminal 5

"Bring night, bring the night on...bring a little bit of dance, bring a little bit of song...". Sia sings such the sentiment in a new tune from upcoming album, We Are Born, and that is precisely what a sold-out crowd at New York City's Terminal 5 were welcomed to last night. Touring in support of the singer's forthcoming 5th studio release, the velvet-voiced vocalist treated fans to an extensive 17-song set that included most of her new material, along with the iconic pieces that have made her an international wonder.



If you've seen the singer's live performances before, you'll know that a perfect pairing of youthful amusement and wonder complement her well-seasoned and pristine vocals. Set on a stage with amps, mics and instruments covered in knitted adornments, a land of colorful stripes housed Sia and her backing band, much like a flaxen-haired fairy placed within the settings of her own personal Candyland. Entering the stage with a glowing "unic-horn", the crowd rumbled with anticipation and excitement as she began the opening sequence of The Fight (which repeats the album title in childlike fashion before launching into a set of funky riffs).


From the moment the song ended, it was evident that her most dedicated fans would be an integral part of the show. Accepting gifts from excited guys and gals, Sia bantered with the crowd between songs and offered up anecdotes about Twitter and costumes, while excitedly searching for friends in the audience.


But it's her delivery that is the driving force behind her success and adoration. Simply standing (with little movement) behind the mic, Sia let her voice carry through the crowd, as evidenced on the powerful belters like I Go to Sleep, Lentil and Breathe Me. These softer interludes offered an emotional respite between her pop-tingers like Clap Your Hands (her current single) and Never Gonna Leave Me (which we once heard live slowed down for a wedding, but gets the dance treatment on the album recording).


Overall, Sia's captured the essence of a mature woman entering her teens...a truly special and unique "big girl, little girl".


Last night's set list follows the below images, with video of You've Changed, Bring Night and Soon We'll Be Found after that. Full gallery of pictures can be found here.






The Fight
Big Girl, Little Girl
Little Black Sandals
You've Changed
Oh Father
Bring Night
I Go To Sleep
Never Gonna Leave Me
The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
Clap Your Hands
You Have Been Loved
Breathe Me
- - -
Soon We'll Be Found






mp3: Sia - Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)

mp3: Sia - Big Girl, Little Girl 



Gossip and Rye Rye Heat up NYC at Terminal 5

On a super mega rad warm April night in New York City, one could only dream that the beautiful weather was about as good as it was going to get. Unbeknown to those not inside Terminal 5 this past Friday, a super billing of Phenomenal Handclap Band (who, sadly, we missed thanks to downtown pre-show activities), Rye Rye and Gossip were geared up and ready to take the mercury past a fiery fever.



Jumping straight into the pit for the always energetic Baltimorian's opening set, we caught our favorite nonstop rap and hopper, Rye Rye. With her debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, finally (hopefully) slated for a later this year release, she powered through favorites like Hardcore Girls and Bang. Sporting a N.E.E.T. mesh top and a pair of jorts (hey, so were we!) the gal got the crowd super amped for the main attraction.


Having first seen Gossip late last year, I'm one of the "newer converts" to their massive fan-base. While I'd always peripherally enjoyed their music, I was lost on the fanaticism as I dug it, but wasn't always a "go-to staple of repeated disc plays" in my repertoire. Their live show, on the other hand, is something to witness. Packed to the seams, the floors of Terminal 5 shook as concert-goers moved nonstop and sang along with each word that front-woman Beth Ditto poured out of her with unmistakable force. 


Rounding out a 14-song set with the anthemic, Heavy Cross, the band made their way back on stage for a special encore rendition of Grace Jones' Pull Up to the Bumper. Truly rad indeed!


Full set lists of both acts after these images.





Rye Rye Set List
Art School Girls
Hardcore Girls
Rock Off Shake Off
Witch Doctor
Exotic On The Speaker
Shake It To The Ground


Gossip Set List
Your Mangled Heart
Pop Goes The World
Four Letter Word
Listen Up
8th Wonder
Don’t Make Waves
Dimestore Diamond
Love Long Distance
Fire Sign
Standing In The Way Of Control
Yesterday’s News
Men In Love
Heavy Cross
(Encore) Pull Up To The Bumper



mp3: Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)

mp3: Rye Rye - Witch Doctor



Massive Attack Playing 2 NYC Shows in May

Beginning to mid-May is always a hectic show season here in NYC. And it's no shock that British production duo, Massive Attack, are making their way to the city of big dreams, seeing as how their acclaimed album, Heliogland, came out earlier this month. Supporting the release, we get two shows in May, and yeah...we're pretty darn well stoked about it.



On May 11 and 12, Massive Attack will bring their psychedelic stage show to Terminal 5 in New York City. The band will be joined by Martina Topley-Bird as a guest vocalist and opening act. Also on the first night of their two-date run, the band has selected local troupe, Anti-Pop Consortium, to serve as an opener as well.


APC released their fourth studio album, Fluorescent Black, last year, and they will continue on a handful of dates with Massive Attack in Los Angeles later in the month.


Tickets for the NYC shows can be purchased here.


mp3: Massive Attack - Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)

mp3: Anti-Pop Consortium - NY to Tokyo


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