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The Aikiu - The Red Kiss (The Magician Precious 80s Dub)

The Aikiu's next single, The Red Kiss, has now been pushed back to 2011. Sadcakes. In the meantime, jump all over this dub jawn and pretend you are living on a shoulder padded dance floor in 1983, cause that's what The Magician intends and sees through. Lovely.




mp3: The Aikiu - The Red Kiss (The Magician Precious 80s Dub)




The Magician, The Aikiu and Discodeine

Or as I like to call it, a terrifying trifecta of awesome! The Magician is Stephen Fasano, who as you might know, used to be in Aeroplane, til he bailed and went solo steez on the music scene. We're ok with it, cause he's starting to churn out mixtapes, and his first official remix is a fine fix of The Aikiu's The Red Kiss, which is the Frenchman's next single, due out in November. And you can hear it in his latest mixocological masterpiece.


The magician


Also, he uses Discodeine's Synchronize, which we told you about way back when, and features the inimitable vocals of Jarvis Cocker.


All this makes us berry beastly happy.



Magic Tape Three by TheMagician 


1. D-Pulse - On A Highway To Saturn (Sare Havlicek Dub Cut)
2. The Aikiu - The Red Kiss (The Magician ’80’s Pop Mix)
3. Discodeine (ft Jarvis Cocker) - Synchronize
4. Bottin - Discocracy
5. Drop Out City Rockers - International Track
6. Reset! - If We Try (Broke One Remix)
7. Luke Million - Italo Journey (Part II)
8. Yeasayer - Madder Red (Munk Remix)
9. n/a
10. We Are Fans - Into My Life (James Curd Instrumental Remix)
11. Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight



mp3: Discodeine (ft Jarvis Cocker) - Synchronize




Interview: The Aikiu's Kitschy Discopop

Earlier this summer, The Aikiu's debut single, Just Can't Sleep, took up a good portion of my most dedicated listening time, and hell, it's still as great as the first time I'd heard it. But truth be told, not a lot is known about this artist, and with but the one cut to go off of, it's high time to find out what's in store for this lavishly luscious lad's music and what's on deck for him next.




Shall we delve into the brain-pickings of one, Alex Aikiu? Yes, yes we shall.


SB: Describe The Aikiu. I know it's your last name, but if you had to classify "aikiu" as a noun, or a genre of music, what would the definition of it be?
AA: The Aikiu is a phantasmagoria and imaginary entity. It represents also the people working on my project. By adding "the" to Aikiu, I wanted to be quirky, almost kitsch (Like "The Great Gatsby")

SB: Talk about your earliest influences in the musical world. Did you grow up playing instruments, listening to mom and dad's old records, or what sparked the notion that "hey I think I need to be making music."
AA: I've discovered music at the Conservatoire, where I've learned the singing and the piano. At that time studying Chopin, Mozart, Schubert....my first influences. Later, I've discovered pop music with my elder sister. We were sharing the same room, the walls were covered with posters of Madonna, The Cure, AHA, Kim Wilde... Every night she made me learn and sing a new song from one of her idol, otherwise she wouldn't let me sleep. It's at that moment, that I've started to imagine, melodies and music. Prince, Michael Jackson have inspired me a lot.

SB: With all but a debut single and handful of remixes for I Can't Sleep, a good deal of buzz has started to flow throughout blogs and online publications. What's your response to the good dose of praise that you've been given for the material already out there, and how do you follow that up?
AA: I'm very happy but also surprised, because I didn't have much expectation. With my label we just wanted to release a song [in a] fairly low profile manner, unpretentious and without pressure. I'm not taking care of critics, at least for the moment I'm concentrating on finishing the album and the release of the next single, The Red Kiss.

SB: It's been said that there's a certain sense of hedonism in your music. Agree or disagree...and why?
AA: Yes, I wanted to transcribe through Just Can't Sleep a cultural and musical period where people were in search of fun and joy (70s, early 80's). I have an obsession for this period, whether musically or moviewise (Scorsese, De Palma...)

SB: What happens next for The Aikiu? More writing, recording, performing, etc...
AA: We are currently finishing the album, which will be more pop. There will be a tour starting in November with dates in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon... and the release of my next single, due in mid-November on the Kitsuné label.

SB: Alright, quick questions. Pick one of the options...and go!

SB: David Bowie or Giorgio Moroder
AA: David Bowie

SB: Basquiat or Warhol
AA: Both

SB: Steak or Shrimp
AA: Shrimp

SB: NYC or Paris
AA: Both

SB: Computer or TV
AA: Computer

SB: 8-Bit or Vocoder
AA: 8-Bit

SB: ABBA or Adriano Celentano

SB: Lady Gaga or Coco Chanel
AA: Coco Chanel

SB: Spring or Fall
AA: Summer

SB: High Fives or Thumbs Up
AA: Thumbs Up

SB: Radio or Record Player
AA: Record Player


mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep (SVNGR Remix)





Introducing: The Aikiu

What's my latest obsession you ask? Well, maybe you're not asking, but I'm going to tell you anyways. It should come as no surprise that the French discopop of The Aikiu has been inhabiting a lot of my ear space over the past few weeks. And it's all thanks to one single, the lad's debut one no less, and it's complementary remixes that's had me in perma-grin mode.



Alex Aikiu, the man behind the band, as well as the charismatic front-man of this three-piece Parisian art-pop collective, consisting also of Julien Vichnievsky and Cedric Pilooski. Leave it to Pilooski to have me swooning again, but it seems like everything he touches turns to beastly-gold.


But it's The Aikiu's debut offering, Just Can't Sleep, that's got me doing just as the song implies. Perfect for lazy afternoon listenings or dark and mysterious dancefloors before the crack of daylight, the song "is about a love affair with the late 70's and early 80's in New York City; a time when the city was in despair and at its lowest in places and extremely high in plenty of others. Studio 54, one of those infamous places where many worlds collided under one roof, all with an air of decadence, disco and glamor. There’s also that paranoid element to it though. If you want the party never to stop, you’re inevitably going to get dark", so says Alex.


Sounds like perfection to me. Cop the single here and watch the video below.



mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep (Mighty Mouse Remix)

mp3: The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep


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