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The Brute Chorus - Heaven (Chew Lips Remix)

And yet, one more reason to absolutely fall in love with Chew Lips. I make no bones about my appreciation for their brand of fun and effective danceable electropop...seriously, check dem archives for a gank o' Chewy radness. So this morning, an email from bandmate James made me smile a big'un, and you know what, the song is a tasty treat to boot.



The lads in that pic up there? Well, we all know that's not Chew Lips, but it is their pals, The Brute Chorus, who are gearing up to release their new single, Heaven, on September 6. Which brings us to this AM's email message...


"thanks for all the posts you have done about us & all the support, we really appreciate it. as a little token of thanks here is a remix I just finished yesterday for our friends The Brute Chorus. its a mix of their new single Heaven which comes out Sept 6th, hope you like it!

thanks again, & hope to see you next time we're in NYC.

James / Chew Lips x" 


Mutual appreciation, dude. So totally mutual. On that note, this mix is double mondo aces and you're gonna want to jump in on the awesomeness that I'm experiencing right now.


mp3: The Brute Chorus - Heaven (Chew Lips Remix)



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