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The Coasters - Down in Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)

POSSO (meaning “I can”) is a fashionable musical collaboration between best friends Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini. Together, they bridge design, music and art in an ever-evolving project that takes them all over the world. POSSO works to create an all around sensory experience which brings us to a new mix, a new fix... a rad lil' twist on something we love so dear. Enough with the words... bring on the tune!




Oft more than not, I'll thrown down a little taste of The Coasters' Down in Mexico whenever I spin out and about. Or just in my headphones. See, the track is SUCH a track. But sometimes originals can be, well, just original... and it could be nice to hear something brushed up in beastly fashion. Enter POSSO.


You can grab their deliciously fun and funky mix of the song, and while you're listening and loving this poolside pumper, check out their new fashion line collaboration with Volcom.


Free swag please?




mp3: The Coasters - Down in Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)


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