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Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (The Dirty Disco Remix)

Hush it! I know I just linked earlier to another Penguin Prison remix this morning, but the dude is easily the winner of 2010's pop champion of the world (so far, and probably outright in so much...) I simply can't pass up tuning in and turning up his charmed tracks, remixes included, and this afternoon's comes courtesy of The Dirty Disco.



Latest official release, The Worse it Gets, is Chris Glover's finest work so far. With an ode of lyrics to his beloved car, Jenny, the dude takes us on a tour of hard-hitting emotional ups and downs, complete with a tidy pop arrangement.

Remixes have come in all shapes and sizes, and TDD's is no different. Falling somewhere between Starsmith's 80's cop show theme rub and RAC's piano throttler, The Dirty Disco found a balance of dance and grime that suits the already rad original.

Yours and mine, for free, below.


mp3: Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (The Dirty Disco Remix)

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