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Rihanna vs Crystal Castles - Rude Baptism (The Hood Internet Mash)

I haven't really weighed on Crystal Castles' new album yet. After hitting a listening party a few weeks back, then grabbing the inevitably subsequent leak, it's safe to say that it's been one of the most played and replayed discs in my beastly repertoire as of late. Yep, the noisy, punk, thrashy, radtastically awesome duo are back and better than ever.



Without changing a ton since their last offering, the Ontario pair of Ethan and Alice have found little nuances to up their game. For instance: Suffocation...a bit lighter and wait, is that Ms. Glass actually singing in lullabic tones? Never fear though...the same raging and rompish beats and bangs are generously dispersed throughout the album. 


Baptism has quickly become a fan favorite, for it's heart attack-inducing synths. Buddy boy Anthony likened the chorus arrangement and rises to.........Justin Timberlake's My Love. To be honest, I hear what he's referring to, and think that the comparison is both comical yet true. (You can read more of his initial analysis here.)


Aside from JT, cool dudes The Hood Internet decided that maybe a different popstar would work better with the christening tune from CC. Grab your Rihanna-ic fix below. It's pretty damn good.


mp3: Rihanna vs Crystal Castles - Rude Baptism (The Hood Internet Mash)


Class Actress Played the Studio at Webster Hall

Last night, Brooklyn duo, Class Actress, jumped into the East Village with a tight set of their best tunes. Sharing a bill supported by Your Vegas and Keepaway, along with NME Radio DJ James Theaker, the local act showcased their talents and left me a bigger fan after finally having caught their live performance.



Class Actress is, essentially, the embodiment of Elizabeth Harper: quirky and enigmatic with a splash of subdued showmanship that make her songs both easily accessible and equally digestible. Running through a number of songs you can find on her debut EP, Journal of Ardency, Harper and her accompanying keyer/guitarist gave a simple yet effective set of pop and new wave tunes.


You can buy Class Actress' EP here, or catch them live tonight at Bowery Ballroom, when they open for VV Brown. You can still grab a ticket here.


More pics here, and yes this is a short review, because I'll be at their show tonight as well. So hooray for more words tomorrow!




mp3: Dr. Dre x Class Actress - Nuthin But A Journal Thang (The Hood Internet Mash)

mp3: Class Actress - Someone Real





Snoop Dogg x The-Dream x Rafter - Paper Luv (The Hood Internet Mash)

Our pals at The Hood Internet threw this jam out yesterday, fittingly enough, on April 20. But while we 're still reveling in the awesomeness that is this mash, we'd like to take a minute to let you know that the naming of this post (albeit the tune's title) is a bit misleading. Sure, you'll find this cut below, but we're gonna hop around a bit, while still staying somewhat on topic. Whew.



Matching rap and hip-hop mavericks, Snoop Dogg and The-Dream, with up and coming "you need to know him" dude, Rafter, THI compile a tropically tasty mash dubbed Paper Luv.


And speaking of "dreamy" things, The Hood Internet recently worked over In a Dream by fellow Chicagoans, and indie-pop darlings, Skybox. The band just released their sophomore album, Morning After Cuts, and is riding the critical praise to an appearance at Lollapalooza this summer.


To go one step further, MR. F mashed up In a Dream with a pair of tunes from OMC and Ludacris.


See...we kind of went all over the place, but in some weird way it all worked. Especially for you...because you're getting all three tracks for free below. Generosity!


mp3: Snoop Dogg x The-Dream x Rafter - Paper Luv (The Hood Internet Mash)

mp3: Skybox x OMC x Ludacris - Bizarre Dream Roll Out (MR.F Mash)

mp3: Skybox - In A Dream (The Hood Internet Remix)



Rye Rye at The Hype Machine Lose Control 2 Party and Levi's FADER Fort

Let's preface this post by saying: I do not intend on being "with child" soon, if ever, or at all. Now with that said, should I perhaps feel the need to sprout a little beastling, I would hope that post-baby me would be as energetic and fit as Baltimore's Rye Rye. Seriously...girl can work it with the best of 'em!


The hip-hopstress kicked off our Wednesday night in Austin with a fire-fueled performance for The Hype Machine's second annual Lose Control Party. 

Paired with 2 male dancers, Rye tore through stompers like Wassup, Bang and Hardcore Girls...eventually asking if any females wanted to join her on stage for the latter. Naturally, this beast took it upon herself to jump on, shake it up and shake it down. (I also grabbed her sunglasses by accident, which are now one of my many Texas souvernirs. Sorry mama!)


On Friday, March 18, Rye Rye also hopped over to the Levi's FADER Fort to make an unannounced appearance, where she was greeted with another dose of fan appreciation, to which she remarked "you guys are the craziest crowd I've ever had!"


More pictures from both events can be found here.





mp3: Rye Rye vs The Juan Maclean - The Simple Bang (The Hood Internet Mash)

mp3: Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground




SHAPERS' Debut LP - Little, Big - Out March 9

Hey hold up, wait a minute. Who are SHAPERS? New to Beastonia (in some facets) the Chicago quartet is compromised of Zaid Maxwell, Steve Reidell, Amelia Styer, and Todd Waters. You might recognize Reidell as one half of the power DJ-duo, The Hood Internet, where he goes by the name STV SLV. Consider our interest majorly piqued.



This largely instrumental new band have come together to form sonic soundscapes that titillate and hit on every raw nerve. You can stream a trio of tracks here, but given the fact that they've made privy the entire album for my attentive listening, I'd highly recommend you purchase the full length when SHAPERS release their debut, Little, Big, on March 9. 

Both the album and a downloadable version can be pre-ordered online here. The first 250 available copies of Little, Big will be screen-printed by the band.


SHAPERS will perform a record release show, supported by friends and fellow Chicago bands Old Fake and Driftless Pony Club, on Thursday, March 11 at 9pm at The Hideout. Show flyer here.


mp3: R. Kelly vs Major Lazer - Ignition [Keep It Remixing Louder] (The Hood Internet Mash)

mp3: SHAPERS - Hot Gravy Available

mp3: SHAPERS - Proboscidean


Wallpaper. VS Little Boots - I Ain't That Earthquake (The Hood Internet Mash)

It's been a while since I've relayed anything new from The Hood Internet for your ever-lovin' ears. Sure the boys have been busy cranking out new mixes, as well as performing and dj'ing the heck out of all your favorite parties, but chalk it up to our hectic schedule for not getting you the goods sooner. That ends now.


Back with a fistful of fire, ABX and STV SLV sync up Wallpaper. and Little Boots for a ground-shaking good time. Take one part I Ain't Most Dudes and send through a blender with equal parts Earthquake, and I guarantee you'll have one of the tastiest concoctions you'll consume all week. Eat it up below.


mp3: Wallpaper. VS Little Boots - I Aint That Earthquake (The Hood Internet Mash)



My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes (new video!)

Ok, whoa. I love everything about this. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Two of the most charismatically-dynamic performers, and all-around kickass human beings, are Jack and Gretta of Chicago's My Gold Mask. Seriously...I dig everything coming out of camp-MGM. There are my most-favorite addiction.


The pair have just posted up the official Violet Eyes video. It was directed by their pal, Jim Newberry. Shot in both HD as well as with a low-res PixelVision camera, the video is an homage and perfectly-pieced together rush of emotions that plays off the dramatically-intense nature of the song itself. Give it a view now! 



Reminder: go buy My Gold Mask's A Thousand Voices EP here. It will legitimately be one of your single greatest purchases all year. Upcoming live dates can also be found here.


mp3: My Gold Mask - Bitches (The Hood Internet Remix)

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