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Be[a]st Remixes (Snoop, M.I.A., Gaga, etc...)

Much like the last Be[a]st Remixes installment, it's come to that time when the inbox needs a proper sorting out and this is the perfect way to go about doing so.



First up, our pals The Fur tackle Snoop Dogg and Cudi's That Tree. Highly listenable, even more-so than the original, in my honest opinion.

mp3: Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi - That Tree (The Fur Remix)


The Sound of Arrows haven;t been in hiding. No, they've simply been in the lab working on this mix of Lady Gaga's Alejandro. Look past her lackluster performance of the song on last night's American Idol and simply groove out to this dreamy dish.

mp3: Lady Gaga - Alejandro (The Sound of Arrows Remix)


Mad Decent homeboy, High Contrast, eats up M.I.A.'s Born Free and spits out a drummier surfed out mix of the song. Nice option to the original.

mp3: M.I.A. - Born Free (High Contrast Remix)


Two neato drops on Penguin Prison tracks for you. 1-O.A.K. handles Something I'm Not, while Shook jumps on The Worse it Gets. Both worthy of your time and your ears.

mp3: Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix)

mp3: Penguin Prison - Something Im Not (1-O.A.K. Remix)



Cof Cof - To the Future (new free EP!)

June of 2008 was a great month, in that this was my first introduction to Spanish electropop duo, Cof Cof. Now with not having writ about these kids for precisely one year, one could only assume that we'd lost all interest. NOT the case. Quite the opposite in fact, and today, we've got the reason why. Mmm hmmm, we're a happy beast this morning.



Here's the gets...last April, Cof Cof got us all sorts of ready for summer with a free LP, Safari. With their signature brush of happy, shiny tunes, like T-Shirt and Cell Phone, it was an oft-repeated "go to" for a number of beastly parties and backyard throw-downs. This year, much like last, we're dosed with a new EP from the pair. To the Future is 3 tracks of awesome new material, which sees Ana and Alex get a tiny bit deeper and darker, yet still managing to get hands clapping with these equally special slices of pop.


My suggestion is to head here and, yes, while you can download it for free, why not throw 'em a few euros? I mean, they've given us a ton for the cost of nothing, so hook them up. 


While we're at it though, let's toss you our favorite cut from the EP. Jungle of Love is like Animotion's Obsession meets the Beverly Hills Cop theme song...basically ensuring we'll be spinning this in heavy rotation all year long.


mp3: The Sound Of Arrows - M.A.G.I.C. (Cof Cof Remix)

mp3: Cof Cof - Jungle Of Love


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