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Tami Chynn and Tifa - Certified Diva (new video!)

Noon time usually means it's time to grab some snacks and foodstuffs. But here in Beastonia, today's 12-time signals the start of dutty whinin', thanks to a new video from Tami Chynn and Tifa. Some time ago, I got in a splash of hot water for posting Chynn's Hypnotico (you won't find the post...it was removed to prevent further issues), and maybe that's why we haven't heard much from her (jokes!). S'all good though, cause today's riddim is big, it's bad, and it's diva-licious.



Reasons we love Tami Chynn.


1. She's been produced by RedOne, Akon and Washroom, who give her that poppy dancehall style.
2. Lady Gaga wrote Hypnotico for her, but didn't really get lauded thanks to her album being shelved.
3. She rocks a labret piercing like it's 1998.
4. She's a "Certified Diva".

Watch this video now. Yummy and dutty. (hat tip to Dancehall.Mobi)




mp3: Tami Chynn (featuring Tifa) - Certified Diva


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