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Toddla T - Take It Back (The 2 Bears Remix)

Well then...




... this is perfect, now innit?




mp3: Toddla T - Take It Back (The 2 Bears Remix)




Toddla T (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Want U Now

It's Ms. Dynamite's world, and we're just living in it. Between Wile Out with DJ Zinc, What You Talking About with Redlight, and now this new jawn collabo with Toddla T, you can easily get swept up in an explosive (buhleee dat!) set of tunes destined for repeat and repeat and repeat.


Late summa slammer with Want U Now. I want this in my ears at all times.


mp3: Toddla T (featuring Ms. Dynamite) - Want U Now




Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (Toddla T Remix)

Leave it to Annie Mac to get the goods and dish 'em out well before anyone else has 'em. The legendary Brit DJ and radio-show host is tossing out an exclusive mix of an already killer tune, so yeah, our admiration for her just continues to grow. It also helps that at SXSW she called me "so awesome". Grin.



If you aren't already signed up for Annie's mailing list and as a member of her web site, then I suggest you do so here. And here's why.


Today, she dropped Toddla T's remix of Gorillaz' Superfast Jellyfish and the only way you would've known about it was by joining eForces with Ms. Mac. See, that's how we found out about the exclusive download. And now we're sharing it with you.


But really...you should still go sign up. That way, it cuts down on my work of re-dishing this radness out to all of you. High fives! 


mp3: Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (Toddla T Remix)



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