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Nicki Minaj (ft Will.I.Am) - Check It Out [Tommie Sunshine 5AM Edit]

Beast's busy beyond belief, but not too slammed to toss you a ridiculously rad treat right now.


My main man, Tommie Sunshine, reworked Nicki Minaj's Check It Out, and while I can't afford the time to write a million awesome words about this (because I could), know that simply having the few seconds to post this up for your pleasure, is the biggest compliment we could do the dude at the time.




mp3: Nicki Minaj (ft Will.I.Am) - Check It Out [Tommie Sunshine 5AM Edit]





Peaches - Show Stopper (new video!)

We're nearing the end of Peaches' full-album cut to video reign from her latest release, I Feel Cream. By my count, we've seen clips from every track to date, save for Mud and Show Stopper, the latter of which we can now add to the list of having an official visual to coincide with the audio. Dadgum, it's a really great one too, and well worth the wait since having seen the Billionaire vid back in March.



Taking the mini-movie route with this effort, Peaches enlisted the directorial work of Caroline Sascha Cogez, and together, they've created an 8-minute "cinema noir" for what is the shortest song on the album, clocking in at 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Filmed in Denmark, the video features Danish actress, Charlotte Munck, along with cameos from a local journalist and an ill-prepared massage table.


This goes beyond a music video. While slightly tongue-in-cheek, Peaches reveals the gritty and raw side of her that we love...even if her female companion thinks otherwise.


Check out the video now.




mp3: Peaches - Show Stopper (Tommie Sunshine Reverser Edit)



Beastly Bits #113

We're doing this really quick-like this morning...


On your mark, get set, BITS!


Laura Marling covers Neil Young for joint release with Jack White. link


Wu-Tang to use European tour to kick start future projects. link


33 tracks and 10 videos...Zero 7's greatest hits album is available now. link


Lil Wayne updates his blog from Rikers Island. link


School of Seven Bells' Disconnect from Desire is out now. Buy it. link


mp3: The Sounds - Tony The Beat (Tommie Sunshine Radio Edit)



Fake Blood - I Think I Like It (Tommie Sunshine and Figure Present EC$TACY EDIT)

Today's "just 'cause I care" and "I do what I want" post comes courtesy of Fake Blood, Tommie Sunshine and Figure.



You are all welcome...to dance the night away with me.



mp3: Fake Blood - I Think I Like It (Tommie Sunshine and Figure Present EC$TACY EDIT) 


30 Rock ****'s the Pain Away with Peaches

Last night's episode of 30 Rock was centered around Tina Fey's character, Liz Lemon, searching for someone she has listed in her phone as "future husband". Hilarity, as per usual, ensues, as the haphazard heroine searches for who the digits belong to and why it's listed as such.


Lemon eventually finds herself at the dentist office, in which she's lured her potential mate to the same locale. She rings him, gets a glimpse of the English bloke, and hangs up once visual identity is made. The smart chap, however, calls back the number, to which our gal's phone rings...with a custom ring tone.

And what pray tell is the ringer? Peaches' Fuck the Pain Away

We know Fey's husband is a show producer, as well as the series' original music provider, but who is responsible for the electroclash icon getting placed in the weekly sitcom? We need to know! 

Watch below. 




mp3: Peaches - Take You On (Tommie Sunshine and Turbo P Brooklyn Fire Remix)

mp3: Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away

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