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Trentemøller - Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (new video!)

Last week, I waxed poetic [read = oh my god I gushed about how much I love this song] about Trentemøller's new single, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! Now, we have the official video clip for said song, and let's just say, I've been and you're about to get transported to a live stage show that in highly enviable and amazingly awesome. Check it!






mp3: Trentemoller - ...Even Though Youre With Another Girl (Ghostface Fanatics Remix)




Trentemøller - Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (new single and remixes!)

When it comes to Trentemøller, my writings, rantings and ravings are that one horse I like to beat into the ground. And while no, I do not condone animal cruelty, yes my incessant pleas of insistence in making you listen to his latest album, Into the Great Wide Yonder, would more than likely fell a foal or two. With a new single on the horizon, it's time to make a trip to glue factory again. Are you picking up on all these metaphors and puns? It's just...gosh...that's how much I dig this dude and his tunes.




After the profound effect that his previous single, ...Even Though You're With Another Girl, had on me, it's high time for the third official output off his sophomore album to see a proper release, and it's a doozy of a ditty. Whereas the last single had such deep emotional ties, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! is pure driving stealth tones that feel ripped from the pages of Miserlou and brought to life in a modern day musical moment.


The single will be out [soon], and will include remixes from Andrew Weatherall PrinzLulu Rouges featuring Abdullah S, and from Trentemøller himself. Each is unique but speaks volumes on top of the original arrangement and I've had nothing on but these four pieces of the rad all day long.


More info on this release when it becomes readily available. In the meantime...




mp3: Trentemoller - Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Trentemoller Remix)

mp3: Trentemoller - Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!




Contest: Win a Polaroid 300 Instant Classic Camera and Film!

Awesomest contest ever? Awesomest contest ever! The fine folks over at Polaroid were out at Virgin Free Fest a couple weeks back and had their team shoot a bunch of the headliners with their 300 Instant Camera. They used the photos to put together collages that convey a pretty intimate side of the musicians just before they were preparing to go on stage.



Photo Credit: Brad Klemmer



Now that the Fest is long gone and done, it's time to test your skills with the magically instant camera fun! I'm hitting a lucky soul with one (1) Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, along with one (1) pack of the 300 Instant Film, so you can start collaging up your own world. Want to enter? Here's how...




Want to win this dope package from Polaroid? Start by following me  on twitter if you aren't already...winners get notified by DM, and the only way we can get a hold of you is by doing as such. Next, copy and paste the below message and hit send!


yo, yo, hey @sheenabeaston, i need to start shooting with the @Polaroid 300 instant classic, so snap to it and gimme dem goods!


That's all you gotta do...easy peasy. Contest will remain open until Friday, October 29 at 5pm. Go!




mp3: Modeselektor (featuring Thom Yorke) - The White Flash (Trentemoller Remix)





Trentemøller - ...Even Though You're With Another Girl (new video!)






mp3: Trentemoller - ...Even Though Youre With Another Girl



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