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Hussle Club - Good Morning, Midnight (new video!)

Our favorite post-apocalyptic brood of rockers are NYC's own Hussle Club. Having seen them quite a bit over the past few months, we can't encourage you to check them out enough...they're raw, ravenous and every bit the rocking troop of bandits that breathe a fresh burst of gusto into the downtown music scene.



Couple of new bits of info surrounding Hussle Club. The video for Good Morning, Midnight has just been released. You can watch the Bijoux Altamirano-directed visuals below. 


While I've got your attention, grab the mp3 of the song below. And before you jump all over me and are like "yo, dumbass, you just posted that track a few weeks ago...", hush up and know that this is a better version of the song, straight from the hands of Prince Terrence himself. So nyah nyah nyah...and update your library.


Before you run off, I'mm'a urge you to hit the band's 'Space to stream the newly-uploaded VHS or Beta remix of Loose Tights. High fives all around on that one. UPDATE: have just been serviced the VHS or Beta mix, so grab it below. WIN!



mp3: Hussle Club - Good Morning, Midnight

mp3: Hussle Club - Loose Tights (VHS Or Beta Remix)


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