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Specimen A - Cold As Ice

Specimen A's cover, re-rubbed, flipped and dubbed the whooooaaa out take on Foreigner's Cold As Ice is not new if you've been a proverbial blogdigger* over the past six months or so. But I woke up thinking about it, for whatever reason, and playing it gives me a perfectly good excuse to post a clip from one of the best television series ever. It's all below, and it's all rad.


Specimen a


*is blogdigger the new cratedigger?


Let's ask Gob Bluth.






mp3: Specimen A - Cold As Ice



Sandi Sirocco - Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing

Most perfect song name...ever! I love this song. I love this video.

Sandi Sirocco, thanks for the decadent radness.



mp3: Sandi Sirocco - Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing



Caroline Polachek and Jorge Elbrecht Dub a Justin Bieber Video with Original Song

If this is the wave of the future in terms of releasing new material, then let Chairlift's frontwoman, Caroline Polachek, and Violens' member, Jorge Ebrecht, be the professors of your tutelage as to how to successfully make an international pop sensation's video relevant for the underground masses.



Here's what the pair says about their recent collaboration.


"We went on YouYube to find a video among the highest ranks of hits, and came across [Justin Bieber's] Never Let You Go. Went on to make what we call a "sgin" (anagram of the word "sing") - an original song written specifically to synch into someone else's video on mute. Link to video here."


While they had issues loading back up to YouTube, due to using the official video footage of the Bieber tune, I came across this version of it, and hell if it doesn't work to perfection. They've seamlessly woven the vocals to match the pint-sized pop star's oral inflections and I simply can't stop watching it. For all the lyrics of their original, head here, cause you'll want to follow along. "You stupid slut" brings the LOLZ.


Watch the ingeniously-hilarious take now. Free mp3 of their original below as well.




mp3: Chairlift and Violens - Never Let You Go (Justin Bieber SGIN)

mp3: The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa (Violens Remix)

mp3: Chairlift - Evident Utensil (Jacques Renault Remix)



Introducing: Ruth Flowers

Whoever said you can't keep a good woman down obviously had the foresight to know that Ruth Flowers was soon to be hot on the DJ scene. She spins at the hottest clubs in Paris, wears some of the freshest duds, and she's called "Mamy" by those closest to her. See, Ruth is 69 years old...and she literally kills on the decks.


"It's a little bit glammy...a bit over the top, perhaps. But it fits the bill, I think", the softspoken sextagenarian quips about her musical styles. Influenced by her grandson's music she heard at his birthday party at a London nightclub. "I was dumbfound…there was such an atmosphere! It was so different from the parties I used to go when I was young. There was a real osmosis between the lights and the music, it really drove and made me feel so much younger."


Since the budding DJ was on pension, she had a lot of free time. Her grandson introduced her to a French producer and they hit it off immediately. With the help of his team, she began to book local gigs and now mans the music at hot spots throughout France. Up next for Ruth? Her debut single, Mamy Rock, is scheduled for an as-yet-to-be-determined release.


Watch part of her original web series, Behind the Decks, below. (I had no idea she was this legit when I joke-tweeted about her earlier this week.)




mp3: DJ Ruth Flowers - Mamy Rock 


Ali Love - Love Harder (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Much has been made about the immediate punch that Ali Love throws, with his mix of spot-on vocals and "grab you and groove you" beats. Last October, we went a little nutty for Diminishing Returns, and with a new single prepped for release, we're going a little more batshit for the dude.


Love Harder is Ali's first proper single, which precedes his upcoming album, due out in March. To celebrate all things that are loved (puns!), we've got a new remix from Prins Thomas which ups the disco and honors the dance, as well as the video for the track.

Watch the clip, then download the fun below.



mp3: Ali Love - Love Harder (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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