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Violens (featuring Caroline Polachek) - Violent Sensation Descends (French Duet Version)

Neither new nor breaking (when it comes to this song), but definitely in the top of my "wowzies this is really great music" thinkings, Violens' debut album, Amoral, hits all the right buttons. From influencer sounds like The Smiths, The Doors and Velvet Underground up through the more delicate intricacies of modern day melody makers, the New York trio easily slips in with a sure-shot into a be[a]st of the year offering. Here below, you'll find the video for Violent Sensation Descends, which is, in all of it's 2:16 in length...amazing.






While this serves as the bands' current single, a few weeks ago, they shared a rendition with their gal pal, Caroline Polachek, from Chairlift. Dubbed the French Duet Version, this interpretation serves as today's answer to a neat Serge Gainsbourg and Bridgette Bardot (or Jane Birkin if you feel so inclined) coup, and sure, that's an easy as pie association to make. But screw it. Cause it works like a damn charm.


Get infatuated with me below, and buy Amoral here. You will not be sorry.


PS: Remember, this is not the first time that Polachek and Violens rocked my world; the first being their Justin Bieber SGIN, which is in part tongue-in-cheek, and in whole, perfection.




mp3: Violens (featuring Caroline Polachek) - Violent Sensation Descends (French Duet Version)




Caroline Polachek and Jorge Elbrecht Dub a Justin Bieber Video with Original Song

If this is the wave of the future in terms of releasing new material, then let Chairlift's frontwoman, Caroline Polachek, and Violens' member, Jorge Ebrecht, be the professors of your tutelage as to how to successfully make an international pop sensation's video relevant for the underground masses.



Here's what the pair says about their recent collaboration.


"We went on YouYube to find a video among the highest ranks of hits, and came across [Justin Bieber's] Never Let You Go. Went on to make what we call a "sgin" (anagram of the word "sing") - an original song written specifically to synch into someone else's video on mute. Link to video here."


While they had issues loading back up to YouTube, due to using the official video footage of the Bieber tune, I came across this version of it, and hell if it doesn't work to perfection. They've seamlessly woven the vocals to match the pint-sized pop star's oral inflections and I simply can't stop watching it. For all the lyrics of their original, head here, cause you'll want to follow along. "You stupid slut" brings the LOLZ.


Watch the ingeniously-hilarious take now. Free mp3 of their original below as well.




mp3: Chairlift and Violens - Never Let You Go (Justin Bieber SGIN)

mp3: The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa (Violens Remix)

mp3: Chairlift - Evident Utensil (Jacques Renault Remix)


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