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Donna Summer - To Paris With Love (new single!)

Oh honey children, I am not opposed to getting down to some rad new glittery rubs courtesy of the mirror-ball queen, Donna Summer. The breathy-vocalist is back after a short hiatus since her 2008 album, Crayons, and new single, To Paris With Love, is hot on the upswing of disco lounge sultriness. The song has just come out and can be purchased here. Approved!



On her latest single To Paris With Love, Donna brings to life the feelings, the passions, the love affair she has for the the City of Lights, the dazzling world capital of romance, culture, fashion and style.   Audiences will be taken on a musical journey into the seductive sounds and flavors of that versatile and ever-evolving city, Paris. With this track, Donna has returned to the influences that have helped shape her career, which began in Europe and where she has always felt at home.  "I wanted to give my fans something special and exciting for the summer, and I couldn’t think of a better theme than the glamour and allure of Paris," says Donna. "I want people to feel transported, whether they're listening on the dance floors of Ibiza or on their headphones at work.  The idea is to let them escape into that magic world."


Her voice and lyrics echo the warm hazy feeling that can always be found in her music, so as she sings, "If you're looking for love, then you've got to go to Paris", you'll go right there with her.


To Paris With Love is co-written by Donna and Bruce Roberts, and is produced by Peter Stengaard. Remixers include: Wictor Mysliwiec and Michal Bojanowic (WAWA), Eddie Amador, Craig Christensen, Jonathan Mendelsohn, DJ DLG and Automatic Panic. (via)


mp3: Donna Summer - To Paris With Love (WAWA Radio Edit)

mp3: Donna Summer - To Paris With Love


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