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Beastly Bits #132

The official countdown is set in place...




...only 4 more days of work until I'm relieved of the current day-job and move my butt on to bigger and beastlier things. Excited like whoa! 



Weezer's new album art for Hurley is just a picture of that dude from Lost's face. link


New tracks from Weezer, Radiohead, Animal Collective and Andre 3000 can all be heard here. link


Lollapalooza highlights...in pictures. link


CHIEF play for free this Saturday at the Rock Yard. link


HavocNdeeD mixed up Rad Omen's Rad Anthem...and yes, it 'tis rad. 


mp3: Rad Omen - Rad Anthem (HavocNdeeD Remix)



J-Kwon vs Weezer - Tipsy In The Sun (The White Panda Mash)

Earlier this month, 2004's drunken ditty-maker, J-Kwon, was reported missing. Those rumors were soon cleared up thanks to his publicist, or maybe the rapper got wind of the newest mash from The White Panda, which pits his hit, Tipsy, against the breeziness of Weezer's Island in the Sun, and he came out hiding to hear the cool within.


Why ruin the radness with my blabberings, when I can easily just say that this is the perfect poolside play to kickoff your summer fun.

Yep, there you have it.


mp3: J-Kwon vs Weezer - Tipsy In The Sun (The White Panda Mash)

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