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White Town - Cut Out My Heart (new song!)

Yes White Town, as in "I could never be your woman..." but I will come back some 13+ years later with new material in preparation for a 2011 full length release. The one man musical act, Jyoti Mishra, hasn't quite found the success of Your Woman, which is oft-regarded as his one and only hit, but with a gank of material at the ready, he's aiming to be on the tips of tongues in the forthcoming year.


White town


Cut Out My Heart is a new track from the impending White Town album, which as much as we know right now, is that it's due out in early 2011. No title, track list, nothing yet.


But there is a video. So, there's that, and you can watch it below.


I'm enjoying this song. We'll see what's to come.






mp3: White Town - Cut Out My Heart




Wiley (featuring Emeli Sande) - Never Be Your Woman (new video!)

Long a fan of Wiley, it's no surprise that his latest venture, a "cover me, sampling" song with many influential beats behind it, was prone to end up on my pages.


Let's look back at 1997 first. White Town sampled jazz singer Al Bowlly's 1930's trumpet line in his song My Woman, for their own updatedly-late-90's jam, Your Woman. Now, over thirteen years later, Wiley has jumped on board the female-driven ditty by paying homage to the unmistakebale notes with his song, Never Be Your Woman.

Featuring sultry vocals from newcomer Emeli Sande, Wiley gets grimey with his version of this fantastic "love letter to breakups". Video for the track has just been unleashed, so get to watching it now!



The video uses Shy FX's edit of the track, which (if I'm not mistaken and only immediately recognized thanks to this), is pulling/sampling some serious Nightcrawlers' beats. Can you hear it? 

For your reference, I'm giving you a ton of material to sort and sift through. Samples!


mp3: Al Bowlly - My Woman

mp3: White Town - Your Woman

mp3: Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On

mp3: Wiley (Featuring Emeli Sande) - Never Be Your Woman (Shy FX Edit)

mp3: Wiley (Featuring Emeli Sande) - Never Be Your Woman (Herve Rework)



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