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Willie Wonk VS Electric Youth - Freak Faces 2Night (The White Panda Mash)

Back when I was but a fledgling beast, the Toronto duo, Electric Youth, were one of the first acts I featured with all forms of support pointed in their general direction. While Austin and Bronwyn haven't been spotted in Beastonia for a while, Tom and Dan aka The White Panda, brought 'em back to the forefront with a super new and funky fresh mash.


Pairing the semi-ridiculous Freak 2Night, by NYC's own Willie Wonk, with the slickly-cool 80's-tinged Faces by Electric Youth,  The White Panda. The result is Freak Faces 2Night, a mix of retro disco hip-hop that simply makes me get a groove and a grin on.

BONUS! Electric Youth threw out A February Story Mix for Valerie on Valentine's Day. The mix is placed under the sign of Love and Romanticism. This selection contains classics, but also jubilant discoveries as Dave Grusin’s title Night-Lines. Electric Youth also have promised they are coming back with brand new tracks very soon!

The mega mondo track list is below and you can download the full mixtape in it's entirety here.


“Love Found”

01- Fabio Frizzi - Seq. 5

02- Touch Sensitive - Body Stop

03- Sally Shapiro - Moonlight Dance

04- Up Front - Infatuation

05- Bumblebee Unlimited - Love Bug

06- Electric Youth - Intrinsic (BombJack Remix)

07- Janet Jackson - Rock With U (Instrumental)

“Love Lost…”

08- Pilotpriest - R.A.D Woman

09- College & Electric Youth Vs Lifelike - She Never Came Back So Electric

10- Annie - Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)

11- ? - Fragile

12- Nite Jewel - Want You Back

13- The System - I Can’t Take Losing You

“…and Love Found Again”

14- Electric Youth - Love Interpolation (Instrumental)

15- Schiffer - Get It Right (instrumental)

16- Nu Shooz - You Put Me In Trance

17- The Whispers - Some Kinda Lover

18- POWER GLOVE - Hot For Destiny

19- FM ATTACK - Hot Girlz In Love

20- Touch - Someone Loving You (Instrumental)

21- Cruisin’ Gang - My Man

22- Tesla Boy - fire (CSC Remix)

“Conclusion/End Credits”

23- Human League - Love Action

24- Dave Grusin - Night-Lines

25- Steve Winwood - Valerie (1982 Version)


mp3: Willie Wonk VS Electric Youth - Freak Faces 2Night (The White Panda Mash)

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