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Wolf Gang (ft CockNBullKid and Mz Bratt) - Dancing With The Devil (Shoes Remix)

Mid-last month, I brought you the new single from Wolf Gang and it's gotten a considerable amount of awesome ear time here in Beastonia. Dancing With the Devil is yet another impressive offering from multi-instrumentalist Max McElligott, who continues to churn out the radness. And now... oh now. The official remix courtesy of The Shoes snags additional vocals from a pair of Beaston-faves in CockNBullKid and Mz Bratt.




What a way to start the day!


You can keep the cool going throughout the course of the hours by spinning this on repeat, which we are not opposed to doing. At all.


Get it!




mp3: Wolf Gang (ft CockNBullKid and Mz Bratt) - Dancing With The Devil (Shoes Remix)




Wolf Gang - Dancing With the Devil

Wolf Gang's Dancing With the Devil is a lot better than most everything in the indie/pop world right now. The new, and second official, single is a solid offering of everything we dig about the dude's unparalleled penchant for making us feel things while we hear them. You want tasty? Oh, beasts, you've got it.


Wolf gang


Following the wildly wonderful Lions In Cages, this is the next cut up from Wolf Gang’s forthcoming debut album, Suego Faults, which will be released in May via Atlantic. The single, Dancing With The Devil, is out on March 21.


There are moments invoked a la Freddie Mercury, moreso Queen, but I digress., because it's all about a lad named Wolf Gang,






mp3: Wolf Gang - Dancing With the Devil




Wolf Gang - Back to Back (new song!)

Late last year, I got wind of Wolf Gang, a staunch figure in the battle to "love drama and abhor mediocrity". Immediately, I fell in love with tracks like Pieces of You and The King and All His Men, which equally drive home an emotional connection through the Londoner's lyrics and luscious arrangements.


Wolf Gang is the kind of cat (ooh punny!) that I'd like to see more of evolve in 2010. He creates simple songs, with each resonating soundly within the listening experience. Weaving between electro-pop and orchestral psych-rock, the talented musician quickly found a steady home in my playlists...effortlessly joining a crew of "go-to" songs to soothe.

And so goes the case with his latest demo, Back to Back. It goes down so smoothly that I've literally melted into my chair. It's harmonic, lovely and I'm throwing it on repeat now.

Wolf Gang has also created a video for the song...which is below.



mp3: Wolf Gang - Back To Back 

mp3: Wolf Gang - The King and All His Men (Joe Goddard Remix)

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