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Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)


Since first writing about Florrie in March of this year, shne's been on quite the impressive dominance of my words, my listenings and playlists, and equally, she's hot on the radar of bloggers across many a genre. Thanks to backing by Xenomania, Fred Falke's sweeping and swooping skills, along with her own incredible talent to boot, the young artist rightfully earns all the respect that's been tossed her way. Oh, and did we mention, every song that's out there right now by the tow-headed talent has been personally sent out by herself...for free. It just doesn't get better than that.




Barely a month has passed since her latest dosing of new tunes, and we're already getting the pro quo Falke fixes of the songs. Wanna Be Starting Something and Give Me Your Love (the latter being higher on my listening quantity) are fine examples of what you can expect when giving your attention to Florrie tunes: pop tinged tunes that aren't your standard run-of-the-mill sugary sweet ones. Nope, these are quality cuts.


Ok, all that said, Florrie isn't quite ready to throw this new one out to you free the cost of naught just yet, but we are, so here we roll in with the exclusive. Pretty pumped to start our Friday off with this gem. Falke mixes up Give Me Your Love, and he takes an already special track, into an even shinier, happier existence.


Ready for what's gonna happen now? Play and repeat, repeat, repeat...aces.


mp3: Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)





Florrie - Give Me Your Love (new song!)

It's the summer of Florrie via Xenomania via all things lusciously awesomely pop-tinged and perfected! And very shortly, this season is going to get even hotter, because after we hit you up with the new song, Give Me Your Love, our fave fresh new femme is going to top that off with a second new song, You Wanna Start Something.



Give Me Your Love is a brand new original from the talented tow-head, and oh man, those deep drums are something grand! A sprinkling of piano, Florrie's crisp vocals and the swooping energy into the chorus make this a great slice of fun for all those "predators to catch their prey"!


Listen in and you'll know what I'm talking about. So good.


BONUS: as mentioned, we'll have You Wanna Start Something to share very soon, but in the meantime, you can gobble up the Jaxon remix of Come Back to Mine.


mp3: Florrie - Come Back to Mine (Jaxon Remix)

mp3: Florrie - Give Me Your Love




Florrie - Panic Attack (d.Franklyn Remix)

Yep, we're still 100% enamored with Xenomaniac, Florrie, and all 2 of her original tunes...along with each "better than the next and the previous" remixes she continues to toss out. All for free too. So yeah, we're going to continue posting stuff regarding the talented singer, songwriter, drummer and producer. I'm pretty convinced that you won't mind a dose of new with a splash of the rad.



Today's mix comes from d.Franklyn as he takes on her original tune, Panic Attack. Even though Florrie just came back from a trip to the sunny and lovely west coast of the States, she returns with a darker twist on the track, which brings forth all sorts of emotions that make me feel like it's Halloween.


This one might be our favorite yet...in that it strays way far from the gushy lusciousness of the other fixes. 


Scary good!


mp3: Florrie - Panic Attack (d.Franklyn Remix)




Florrie - Call 911 (Florrie Remix)

I've been seeing a major trend lately in artists remixing their own songs. No complaints here...so long as the end result is as rad as what's just come through from one of our latest pop beasts, Florrie. Having already had her track Call 911 (as well as Panic Attack) fixed up by Fred Falke, she flips the ish on her own original.



I officially confirm her twinkling and synthly-xylophonic self-mix as 100% Beaston approved. Super digging the vocal drop in and outs. Florrie once again proves herself as deep in another facet of all her productions...adding master mixer to her already long list of credits.


Sorry for the short post(s) this AM. It's been a nutty one today!


mp3: Florrie - Call 911 (Florrie Remix)



Florrie - Panic Attack (Justin Faust Remix)

Continuing on in praise of Florrie, and relatedly, all things that Justin Faust touches, we're damn well pumped to drop a rad new remix on you. Get out your sparkle tops and roller disco pom pom balls, because it's a group skate, and you're all invited to hold hands and love up on this gem.



After having already gotten the royal treatment from Fred Falke, Florrie keeps on the F-train (shit, that sounded better in our heads, but we're keeping it anyway) by commissioning Faust to give her song, Panic Attack, his remix rub.


While we dig the song on its own (which is getting a video companion soon enough), we totally fell head over heels for this Justin-jam. It's kind of like of like the original is an ice cream sundae. Deliciously brilliant in it's own right. But then you add marshmallow cream, aka, the mighty hand of a master mixer like JF, and something oh so good gets even tastier.


Yeah...metaphors. Grab this mix...it'll make you melt. (Hit DiscoDust for the Bit Funk mix too. Yum!)


mp3: Florrie - Panic Attack (Justin Faust Remix)



Florrie - Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

Earlier this week, Florrie hit the blogosphere by storm with a song as remixed by the finessed hand of Fred Falke. And before we jump and gush and swoon and do what we do best when hearing such slickness, the talented towhead from London deserves a bit of a background check, et al. Let's roll on.


Florrie is the drummer with the house band at Xenomania, the pop perfect production house in Kent, in the UK. She is also a guitarist, songwriter and singer. And yep, she excels at everything she touches, as evidenced by the talents surrounding her. If you want more on Florrie, check out her bio video here.


So back to Falke. He's remixed her first song, Call 911, which saw a bit of buzz spread through our net world. And now, we're pleased to push a new one on you...again, remixed by Fred's mighty fingers.


Panic Attack is another slice of drum pumping pop pleasure, which gets the Falke wash rubbed all over it. Seriously, if this song doesn't get you amped to dance in the summery streets, then you're listening to it all wrong. 


Grab both mixes for free below.


mp3: Florrie - Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix) 

mp3: Florrie - Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

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