Our Team

Are you an aspiring musician? Whether you prefer to be a performer, producer, or writing songs, this blog offers a team that has that all.


Producing music always has been his passion. He had made many samples since his late-teens. Now that he has the means, he would like to share his skill to other aspiring producers for the future of music.


Not only he sings, but he also plays a variety of instruments. He believe it’s not all about talent though. It is all about patience and hard work. With those, anyone will be able to develop that skill. It does not happen right away as Andy experienced. But he got there because of perseverance. And now, he wants to teach and guide others too.


Sandra always let out her thoughts and feelings through writing. With that, she learned about song writing. Through out the years, she learned that it is more than emotions and words. It also has different elements to it that she is ready to share about it to others.